• Foster High School - 2008
  • Louisiana State University, BS in Petroleum Engineering

My favorite college memory was the fully functioning well facility and the faculty encouraging us to utilize it to it have better understanding of well control principles. I was hired into Chevron's Accelerated Development Program which seconded me to a drilling contractor for a year to work all of the positions on a Gen 6 drillship. This was followed by a going to work oversees in Thailand on fast paced factory style drilling that allowed us to drill relatively deep wells in 3-4 days. I then transferred to Bakersfield, CA to work on extremely shallow horizontal wells as well as facing challenges of drilling new wells in a heavily depleted reservoir. Receiving this SPE-GCS scholarship helped me exponentially as it allowed me to not have to work as many hours as I would have needed to survive the expense of college. This allowed me to spend more time studying and being involved in the student organizations such as SPE, AADE, and PET. My advice to students is to Be Flexible. If one thing in my short career so far has taught me is that things change as your career progress. It can be something as simple as moving between rigs to better assist or being told a month before you leave that you are moving overseas. Not every assignment will be your favorite but they will all teach you something new. Contact me at