• Texas A&M University, BS, Petroleum Engineering - 2002
  • University of Texas at Austin, MBA - 2010

My favorite memory of college was a 12-hour-long final exam for my petroleum engineer well testing class at the end of my junior year. We started the exam in the afternoon and finished late into the night. That evening was a good introduction to how much hard work and focus are necessary to persevere and be successful in the workforce.

It's been an adventurous ride since receiving the SPE scholarship. My earliest days in engineering were spent in the field learning how oilfield operations run and how to execute basic projects. I moved on to more technical engineering roles, such as designing new drill wells and new completions and facilities, and eventually moving into technical reserves consulting. After graduate school, my career shifted away from technical engineering work and moved toward commercial analysis and overall management. I worked in energy investment banking and eventually moved into the acquisitions and divestitures world, which is what I do today.

Receiving the SPE scholarship was the beginning of my professional career and serves as its foundation to this day. I was given the opportunity to work in the internship program at Anadarko Petroleum before beginning college. The guidance, mentorship and exposure I received in that program absolutely shaped the outcome of my college years.

My advice to today’s scholarship recipients is to always believe in yourself and be prepared to constantly reinvent yourself. The energy business is constantly changing and evolving. Don't get comfortable and complacent. Take the road less travelled and always be a student of knowledge.