• Nimitz High School - 2002
  • Texas A&M University - College Station, BS in Petroleum Engineering

My favorite college memory is that in college I built life-long friendships with fellow PETE students. We worked hard together in college and grew close, now we also share life together as we grow our careers and have kids. I worked for the same company for 8 years, got great training in different disciplines and have worked the past 4 years as a production engineer. I was given a great deal of responsibility over operations and valued for my unique ideas to solve problems for my company.   I have several achievements:

  • Reduced capital required to complete Haynesville program by $16MM by utilizing extensive experience in metallurgy selection for tubulars and conducting study that determined optimal tubing for Haynesville shale. Exceeded highest production goal by 12.9%, obliterating production goal for field of 389 wells with no drilling and no budget increase over previous year, by implementing cost-efficient workovers.
  • Improved production performance on first horizontal gas well the company drilled by pioneering artificial lift system to keep well on trend past 100 mcfd. This technique was successfully used on subsequent wells in the field.

The SPE-GCS scholarship helped me have the reassurance to moved forward in a challenging curriculum and focus on studies and not on money.  My advice to students is that right now the oil price is about the same as when I started school. Your timing should be perfect because 4.5 years from now the glut of surplus oil supply will be behind us and the wave of retirements should be quite impactful. Contact me at