James Barry


Education Chair
Board Committee Chairs


Master Communicator and Trainer, James has been awarded peer recognition as well as professional recognition for his work in Lost Circulation as well as his extensive time developing training programs for the better understanding and application wellbore integrity improving techniques in various professional schools for Drilling Fluids and Cementing.  Most recently James has been focused developing along with his team novel pre-cement and casing applications to ensure zonal isolation and wellbore integrity as a component of increasing well life and productivity at several NOC’s in the Middle East and now in the US.

A dedicated and proactive leader and teacher with a background of service to others.  Most notable and proud to be a husband and father.  Exhibiting a varied background in Business, Volunteer and Public Sectors from Public School Teacher, Business Owner/Operator to his former roles as Managing Director, Global Product Line Manager, QHSE and Logistics as well as Mud Engineer.  James has been recognized on numerous occasions for outstanding leadership and motivational volunteer work.

Mr. Barry has had a dynamic career working for a major service company with many specialties including QHSE, Mud Engineering and Solids Control/ Waste management.  For the past ten years he has primarily focused on Down Hole related Issues not limited to problematic areas in the Eastern Hemisphere ranging from SE and subcontinent Asia, North Africa and the Middle East as areas of focus.  Prior to that he worked in the US focused on GoM and Land Drilling.  Presently focused on New Technology for Mid-Stream applications and how to manage the complexities the fast-changing Energy industry.

On a personal note, Mr. Barry has been a professional SCUBA Diving Instructor/trainer for over 25 years.  He is passionate about the oceans and very supportive of environmentally friendly applications for the industry.