Aaron Burton


Program Chair
Board of Directors


W. Aaron Burton’s career has been focused on the completion of shales and similar
unconventional plays that require multistage hydraulic fracturing. He was started his career
with Baker Hughes. During his 8-year tenure with Baker Hughes he held the roles of field
engineer, operations coordinator, application engineer, business development manager,
product line manager and a variety of other roles focused on unconventional multistage
completions. In 2015, Aaron started Unconventional Oil and Gas Training (UOGT), a
company specializing in training and consulting for unconventional multistage completions.
UOGT provided training courses, and performed projects including market studies, due
diligence, reports on specific tool segments, and other projects. The UOGT video blog and
video courses remain a valuable resource for the industry, and he also remains an active
instructor and participant in industry organizations.

Aaron joined MorphPackers in May 2022 in a Technical Sales to focus on the refracturing
market. He believes improving ultimate recovery via refracturing will continue helping the oil
and gas industry provide safe, reliable, and affordable energy for all of mankind.
Aaron holds a BS in mechanical engineering from Mississippi State University.