• The Woodlands High School - 2007
  • University of Oklahoma, BS in Petroleum Engineering

For my favorite college memory, the rock properties lab during my sophomore year in college brought to life what textbooks attempted to teach. Making core plugs, running tests on core, and then seeing how that data translated to making smart business decisions first made me realize that this had potential to be a fulfilling career choice. I have 4+ years with ExxonMobil and my proudest moments have been the successful outcomes of bold ideas, rooted in lots of data digging, that resulted in serious profit! This includes successful workover programs and getting to lead the most recent polymer pilot for the company in the last 25 years. The SPE-GCS scholarship lifted a great financial burden off myself and my family which enabled me to be focused and motivated to make the most of my time in college - from classes to career fairs.My advice to students is to study hard, not just for the test. Listen in your classes. Keep in touch with professors. Go to the career fair every year. Write thank you notes.