• Kingwood High School - 1999     
  • Texas A&M University, BS in Petroleum Engineering

My favorite Memory related to my education had to be just graduating. I never had very good grades and it really Is a miracle that I graduated at all. Holding that degree today, no one ever asks me what my GPA was, they just ask what year I graduated! I have 7.5 years with Schlumberger working West and South Texas, then 2.5 years with Energen Resources as a Production Engineer, and 10 years with Escondido Resources, where I started as Completions/Production Engineer and have been promoted over time to my current position of Chief Operating Officer. I was President of the SPE Permian Basin Chapter. The SPE-GCS scholarship got me in the door I would say. Because of my poor grades I was not able to maintain the scholarship. However, at the Scholarship dinner I was able to meet some folks who were looking for summer interns and I was able to land my first summer intern job with UPRC. With my poor grades, I would have never been able to get a summer job like I had at UPRC, had it not been for the SPE scholarship that opened that door for me and my career. My advice to students is to be patient, this is a very cyclical business. Don't be picky, don't be scared to work in places you have never heard of, or to work in a job that requires more of you than you thought you could give. You are young, make sure you have realistic expectations and don't be scared ifreality forces you to change your expectations. Our industry can be very challenging and rewarding. You never know what door that is opened could lead you to a bright future. Contact me at