• Cypress Creek High School - 2010
  • University of Texas at Austin, BS in Petroleum Engineering

My favorite college memory was Summer Internships. Post graduation, my career has consisted of participating in the EIT or engineer in training program at EOG Resources. I have been given the opportunity to experience the four primary disciplines of petroleum engineering (reservoir, completions, drilling, and production) and am about to find my niche in one of those as a full time engineer. The SPE scholarship allowed me to focus primarily on school and get me further engaged in the petroleum world. The scholarship assisted me financially enough that I was able to avoid working part or full time during the semester; only oil and gas related internships during the summers. My advice to students is to never say no to an opportunity, even if it is out of your comfort zone. I have met many people that have encountered things like field time or additional projects as "paying your dues", but that is not the case. Nine times out of ten any work offered or forwarded to you will be for your benefit. Contact me at