Roughneck Camp (RNC) is a one-day summit that empowers young professionals, interns, and students with the knowledge to plan for a successful career in the oil and gas industry. In its 20th year, RNC 2021 will discuss different aspects around the theme Managing a Successful Oil and Gas Business in Today’s World to an estimated 300 attendees. Join to network and to learn from industry leaders on how business is run and how decisions are made in this challenging time!


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What to Expect in Each Talk

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8:15 AM to 9:00 AM - Keynote speech by Liz Sturman: 

Join us to hear Liz’s reflection on her oil and gas career and her insight in leading Shell towards excellence in multiple frontiers for the past, present, and future! We cannot find a better keynote speaker than Liz! She has a reservoir engineering background and extensive experience in asset management and leadership in multiple countries. She is the perfect choice for our theme "Managing a Successful Oil and Gas Business in Today's World".

9:00 AM to 9:45 AM - Linhua Guan:

Is it possible to grow a small E&P company from having only a few employees in 2015 to now the 14th largest producer in Texas, while being recognized by Houston Business Journal for the 2020 Best Places to Work and the Middle Market 50 awards? Join us to hear Linhua Guan, CEO of Surge Energy, talk about how Surge Energy survives and thrives in the pandemic world, maintaining excellent financial and operational health, while making great technological breakthroughs.

10:00 AM to 10:45 AM - David Pantoja:

From being a reservoir engineer to now the founder and managing partner of Polaris Energy Partners, David Pantoja demonstrated what unlimited potential is in shaping a career in the oil and gas industry. Join us to hear David share how he built and manages an Acquisitions and Divestitures business! How are deals done? What are the secrets and challenges? Most of us start with a petroleum engineer role and don't get exposed to the "business" side of the equation. That's why David's talk is so valuable.

10:45 AM to 11:30 AM - Daniel Klein and Russell Cotton:

Understanding the macroeconomics of the oil and gas market is a key to any business in this industry. As petroleum engineers, we know Darcy's Law, PVT, and Decline Curve Analysis, but we don't necessarily know how the oil and gas market works on a macro scale. Come and hear KPMG experts Russell and Daniel dissect the market, supply and demand, and trading, and learn how to leverage this knowledge to gain strategic advantage!

12:30 PM to 1:15 PM - Massiel Diez, Olga Prieto, and Annie Shen:

Join us in this all-female panel discussion about lessons learned from the field! What is it like working in the field as a female? What made the panelists decide to get into oil and gas? What are the business and life challenges they faced? How did they handle the challenges? How does the recent business environment affect their jobs? Come and hear the different perspectives from our panelists and ask questions during Q&A!

1:15 PM to 2:00 PM - Liz Dennett and Dan Kahn:

Why is digital transformation important to the oil and gas industry? How can oil and gas businesses win by leveraging the explosion of digital technologies? How will the Open Subsurface Data Universe (OSDU) change the industry? Who are the key players and what are AWS' strategies? Liz and Dan will show you how digital transformation and innovation can reinvent the energy business, generating superior results in a tough market. 

2:15 PM to 3:00 PM - Hudson Chen and Akash Sharma:

Join to hear recruiting expert Hudson review the current job market in the oil and gas industry, analyze what skillsets and traits are sought in the job market for now and the future, and share the perspectives of hiring managers: why they hire, when they hire, and what they are looking for. Wonder how you can use this knowledge to increase your chance of finding a job? Akash will share how he found his dream job during the middle of a downturn, fresh out of the M.S. program from University of Houston. 

3:00 PM - 3:45 PM - Closing speech by Arthur Lee:

From being an EPA regulator to now the senior strategy advisor of energy transition in Chevron, Arthur is surely one of the most qualified speakers to talk about how oil and gas businesses can prepare themselves for the future energy market. He participated every UN Climate Change Conference from COP5 to COP25, contributed to the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 as an IPCC scholar, and received a signed recognition letter from President Obama for his service in the National Climate Assessment Development and Advisory Committee. Do not miss this talk!


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Our RNC 2022 Team





“Fantastic job on organizing the Roughneck Camp! I really enjoyed meeting so many great young minds—makes me feel good about our future.”
        - Anders Johnson, V.P. Storage Kinder Morgan.

“Kudos to your inclusion of so many women as speakers at the Roughneck Camp!”
        - Gretchen Gillis, Geological Consultant, Aramco Services.


RNC 2020 Highlights

Resilience - The Key to Riding the Oil Cycles


RNC 2020 was the first Roughneck Camp to be held completely online in compliance with COVID-19 social distancing protocols. It attracted over 300 young professionals and students from all over the world. Fourteen speakers shared their insight on navigating the oil and gas industry downturns. Mr. Jeff Gustavson (Vice President of Mid-Continent Business Unit, Chevron) gave a keynote speech on a long-term view of today's energy cycle. Four speakers from E&P, service, and start-up companies discussed the industry's role in energy transition. Nine speakers from all walks of the industry shared their stories on seizing opportunities during the market lows, navigating diverse career paths, things to do during COVID to prepare for the future, surviving and thriving the industry cycles, staying curious and abreast with technology advancements, and exercising our legal rights as an employee. 



RNC 2019 Highlights

Pumpjacks, Projects, Pipeline - Understanding the Big Picture of Energy


RNC 2019 attracted over 350 Energy professionals from different industries and schools across the country. Senior industry professionals and high-achieving young professionals shared their advice and stories with attendees on why they chose their careers, what inspires them and how they were able to navigate the career transitions. With a healthy mix of interactive lectures and breakout sessions, they were able to network and understand the bigger picture of oil and gas through the lens of pumpjacks, pipelines and projects. RNC 2019 concluded with a happy hour at Saint Arnolds Brewery.



RNC 2018 Highlights

From Planning to Profit - an Expose in Agile Energy Careers


RNC 2018, held at ExxonMobil on July 12th, was a smashing success. Over 300 attendees poured into the large and beautiful auditorium to learn about the disciplines that contribute to bringing hydrocarbons from ground to market. Thirty speakers ranging from extraction to exports educated and interacted with the audience, discussing topics such as entrepreneurship, the three main sectors—Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream, as well as energy law, business development, geology, and many more. Our agenda included three executive, individual speakers in the morning (VP’s and a CEO) from Oil and Gas Operators (Exxon, Shell, and Talos Energy); a senior panel that covered the three main sectors with individuals whose backgrounds spanned geology, HSE, and consulting; an afternoon yp panel with four aspiring professionals; and finally our interactive roundtable sessions with 20 influential leaders discussing how their disciplines contribute along the chain. We concluded the day with a Social in the Heights. Approximately 165 people, both speakers and attendees, enjoyed beverages and finger foods while networking and discussing what they learned from the event.




RNC 2017 Highlights

Innovative Solutions in the Evolving Energy Industry


The theme of is Innovative Solutions in the Evolving Energy Industry. Our keynote speaker is R.A. Walker, CEO, and Chairman of Anadarko Petroleum Corporation. RNC 2017 gave our 340 attendees a first-hand perspective on what it is like to work at an operator or service company. We had five influential women in oil and gas on a panel discussion covering drilling, completions, production, reservoir, information technology and service quality in Oil & Gas companies. Our second session was a roundtable discussion with successful individuals in an interactive career session. People enjoyed networking and interacting with our speakers. Finally, we concluded with a 2030 energy outlook – the future of our industry.


 340 attendees, 8 female speakers, 8 male speaker, 20 volunteers. 





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