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SPE Gulf Coast Section would like to extend a hearty thank you to the following sponsors. With your financial support, our section is able to enhance technical knowledge among our members through local events, promote camaraderie and networking in our industry, educate and serve the community, and provide scholarships to students entering the oil and gas industry. We would not be successful without your generous support we receive each year!



Our 2016-2017 Sponsors

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 Boston Consulting Group

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A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, RPSEA manages three program areas under this contract, Ultra-Deepwater, Unconventional Resources and Small Producer. Each program’s funding is set annually to invest in oil and gas research and development projects. The Ultra-Deepwater Program is $17.5 million, the Unconventional Resources Program is $16.25 million, and the Small Producer Program is $3.75 million. The funding of projects flows through requests for proposals issued, proposals submitted and projects selected as awards.

Through these awards, RPSEA succeeds in identifying, funding and facilitating the development of the most appropriate and necessary research to maximize the value of our nation’s domestic resources. This is through increasing supply, reducing cost, increasing efficiency of production and exploration, improving safety and minimizing environmental impacts.


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Are you or your company interested in becoming an SPE-GCS Sponsor? If so, please contact Bryan Marlborough if you have any questions or for more information regarding sponsorship levels.