Continuing Education

The SPE-GCS Continuing Education Committee is responsible for providing continuing education opportunities for its members as needed for their professional development and career management.  It does so by:
  • Staging educational events such as short courses (technical, business, etc.)
  • Identifying the above-stated needs of the section membership by surveys, interviews and accumulating information from individual requests
  • Developing new courses as needed and as identified
  • Piloting short courses for the Society of Petroleum Engineers (the majority of SPE-sanctioned short courses were either developed or piloted in the Gulf Coast Section)
  • Championing timely initiatives, such as distance learning, computer-based training, cooperative efforts with universities and other professional societies.

Annual or popular recurring events of interest include:

  • Oil Patch Orientation
  • YP Roughneck Camp
Position Name Phone
Chair Sunil Lakshminarayanan 713-366-5559
Vice Chair Jacob Martin 832-253-8411
Treasurer Mike Redburn 307-214-7518
Vice Treasurer Open Position
Vice Secretary Open Position
Program Coordinator Regina Eco 713-256-3269
Membership Chair Open Position
Publicity Open Position
Continuing Education Open Position
Past Chair Nii Ahele Nunoo
Board Liaison Sunil Lakshminarayanan 713-366-5559