The Northside Study Group of the SPE Gulf Coast Section provides petroleum technical and case study information to operating, service, drilling, and consulting companies on the Northside of Houston. We are dedicated to providing luncheon meetings with technical content to assist our members in keeping abreast of the latest technical advancements in the petroleum industry and career development opportunities.

Position Name Phone
Chair Robert Estes 713-879-4414
Vice Chair Greg Miller 281-794-2382
Treasurer Kristel Blow 281-285-7799
Vice Treasurer Angela Tse 281-231-3151
Secretary Curtis Smith 832-457-9186
Arrangements David Epplin 713-625-4799
Program Coordinator Sumitra Mukhopadhyay 281-784-5874
Membership Nicholas Everson 713-879-1329
Publicity Patrick Higginson 281-685-9204
Website/Webinar Matthew Strom 281-618-7848
Registration Angela Tse 281-231-3151
Arrangements Shawn Rimassa 713-428-4902
Registration Christopher Seckel 713-992-0149
Board Liaison Eric Kocian 832-624-7962
Past Chair Naval Goel 650-307-7267