Health, Safety, Security, Environmental & Social Responsibility

The objective of the Health, Safety, Security, Environmental & Social Responsibility Study Group is to present relevant technical topics and share best practices, emerging issues and current events for the purposes of education and technical development among peers.

Position Name Phone
Vice Chair Angelo Pinheiro 713-296-3820
Board Liaison Torrance Haggerty 281-714-5472
Treasurer Diana Smith 713-358-9275
Program Vice Coordinator Chris Leavell 832-786-5005
Treasurer Diana Smith 713-253-7728
Program Coordinator Kathleen Antoine 832-914-7203
Publicity Virginia J Jee 281-285-4264
Program Coordinator Mehrdokht (Mehri) Nessari 832-980-9060
Publicity Ruth Perry 832-337-8038