Scott Biagiotti MBA MSc PE

Houston, TX

Independent Consultant from 9/2017 to Present subsurface consulting in Houston Texas

• Offering waterflood/EOR consulting services for field development planning and reserves management.
• Developing workflow to improve waterflood management by utilizing a novel combination of multiple analytical techniques. Tool can help identify well allocation factors, injection efficiency and provide the ability to visualize fluid paths in the reservoir without simulation.

Hess Corporation from 8/2007 to 8/ 2016 working Subsurface Roles in Houston Texas and London England

• Led subsurface aspects of major Phase 1 residual oil zone (ROZ) development project. 29 patterns were successfully deepened and flooded with CO2 resulting in arresting field decline.
• Led the Greenfield development of West Bravo Dome CO2 source reservoir development from 2007-2009. Increased CO2 production from zero to over 100MMscfd of CO2.
• Performed subsurface studies on several large North Dakota Hess operated fields which identified additional pay, secondary reservoirs and EOR opportunities of over 100 MMBOE in potential resources.
• Drilled and cored two appraisal wells for deepwater development in the West of Shetlands. Worked with multidisciplinary team to complete subsurface studies to show the potential of this resource so that it could realize its maximum value to Hess. Asset was successfully divested in late 2013.
•Used subsurface uncertainty studies and decision analysis tools to show senior management that Paris Basin should not move to the next phase due to subsurface and commercial impairments. Divestment of Paris Basin assets followed. Prevented commitment of over $200MM in additional funds.
• Completed studies for appraisal of Sichuan basin unconventional play and recommended project move to next phase of development given acceptable fiscal terms.
• Worked with SMEs to develop Unconventional Appraisal Screening Tool used to evaluate newly captured plays and business opportunities. Tool utilized for key decisions by senior management.
• Developed Eclipse dynamic model and decision analysis for initial Ghana discovery that showed this deepwater discovery would require additional resources to be commercial. Worked closely with Exploration on additional drilling that ultimately led to a material oil discovery and viable project. Drove capture of core and acquisition of 3D seismic to justify moving this project to appraisal.
• Developed and implemented a global system for capturing, prioritizing and executing opportunities. This was initially used only for subsurface opportunities but became an integral tool at Hess used to capture opportunities that supported the effort to capture up to 40% cost savings in other areas.

Occidental Petroleum from April 2000 to August 2007 working Subsurface Roles in Texas and California

• Worked with multidisciplinary team to grow asset by planning and drilling up to 22 wells and performing up to 100 capital and expense workovers in California waterflood.
• Directed the multidisciplinary team in the development of reservoir simulation models to improve the estimation of reserves in the five largest waterflood reservoirs where balances were uncertain.
• Provided technical insight to complete CO2 evaluation of existing waterfloods.
• Utilized Eclipse 1/4 pattern compositional simulation to evaluate possible scenarios for further densification of the Eastern Denver Unit. Gained approval for a four pattern area to be converted to 1:1 line drive injection. Presented findings at 2005 OXY Engineering Conference.
• Reviewed CO2 pattern performance twice per year to improve unit performance. Enhanced pattern reviews with additional rigor such as performance bubble mapping and recent project reviews.
• Developed workover and recompletion plans for over 400 wells in an mature waterflood.

Other Experience

• Developed reservoir simulation to evaluate undeveloped upstructure reserves at Prudhoe Bay. Gained approval for development drilling. Simulation work was validated by drilling results.
• Provided engineering support and economic evaluation for over 100 wells at Prudhoe Bay.
• Created the MAXOIL Integrated Field Model, which realized significant savings from improved offtake optimization and maintenance scheduling.
• Co-author of low temperature separator blowdown model for Prudhoe Bay gas processing plant.
• Cubmaster for Cub Scout Pack 1882.

Awards and Certifications

P.E. in Petroleum Engineering


Extensive experience utilizing listed skills in conventional waterfloods (Wilmington and Williston Basin), CO2 floods (Denver Unit and SSAU) and unconventional reservoirs (Bakken, Paris Basin and Sichuan Basin)

• Field development planning. Utilize multidisciplinary field studies to characterize the reservoir and model the reservoir from initial development through abandonment. Including well planning/development, recompletion, flood optimization, EOR. Document field development plan including estimates of EUR and capital required.
• Reserves estimating and reporting in high well count fields using appropriate evaluation technique (decline curve, dimensionless scaling, simulation) consistent with SEC and SPE PRMS guidelines.
• Creation of annual capital budget and production forecast. Ensure integration of production forecasts from budget with reserves process so both efforts utilize the same underlying subsurface evaluation.
• Uncertainty analysis utilizing key subsurface parameter uncertainty ranges incorporated into detailed economic models coupled with advanced decision analysis techniques.
• Working with partners as both operator and non-operator to ensure value adding field development.
• Experience on both sides of several business development evaluation teams as a reservoir engineer.
• Perform well and pattern performance reviews to improve flood performance. Enhanced pattern reviews with additional rigor such as performance bubble mapping, streamlining and other advanced visualizations.
• Extensive field experience in multiple locations with multiple reservoir types.


Colorado School of Mines - Chemical Engineering BS with a minor in Economics. 3.6/4.0 GPA

California State University, Long Beach - Electrical Engineering MS. 3.7/4.0 GPA

University of Alaska, Anchorage - MBA. 4.0/4.0 GPA

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