Resume for Ashish Ghotekar

Houston, TX

Seasoned petroleum engineer with experience in reservoir and production engineering projects with an emphasis on integrated production modeling, production system optimization, nodal analysis, reservoir evaluation and economic analysis. Ability to effectively lead cross-functional teams in successfully completing projects within assigned deadlines. Experience providing technical advice and support to clients on conventional reservoir engineering, production surveillance and optimization, integrated production modeling, artificial lift optimization, reservoir evaluation, economic analyses and reservoir simulation projects.


Acquisitions & Divestitures (A&D)
Artificial Lift Optimization
Economic Analysis
Field Development Planning
Integrated Production Modeling
Material Balance Analysis
Nodal Analysis
Production Surveillance and Optimization
Pressure Transient Analysis
PVT Modeling
Rate Transient Analysis
Reserves Reporting
Reservoir Evaluation
Reservoir Simulation
Waterflood, CO2 EOR


M.S. - Petroleum Engineering
B.S. - Chemical Engineering

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