Petroleum Engineer, P.E.


Seeking the position of a drilling, production, or workover engineer with a mid-size oil and gas companyAs a result of my skills, experience, and education with well-built organizational and interpersonal skills and  good a business understanding, I am capable of being a member of your team by planning, designing, and executing drilling wells I am a results-oriented engineer and self-starter with a proven success in reducing  expenditures and improving efficiency,


• Led team to reduce plug & abandonment cost of 1,700 shallow wells by developing bentonite process. I received approval from California Regulatory Agency to use. I reduced cost by 50%, saving $850,000 and Chevron also purchased patent on application of process.
• Planned, designed, and executed well drilled offshore by pre-planning, organizing, & communicating with other engineering and geologic team members, saving $1,434,000 of approved expenditure of $7,000,000.
• As production engineer of steam flood property created team and increased production from 3,400 BOPD to 8,000 BOPD.
• Planned, prepared, developed cost estimate, and executed drilling programs for12 wells in E.TX; improved drilling efficiency in rotation time, bits, and hydraulics. Reduced total cost by $600,000 or 20%.

Awards and Certifications

Registered Professional Engineer, Certified in State of Texas: Registration #56398
Chevron President’s Award – Patent Application of Bentonite to P&A Shallow Wells
SPE – Member


Design calculations and schematics
Project plans and cost estimates
Research latest technical procedures and equipment
Wellsite well supervision and engineering
Technical & Computer Writing Skills
Soft rock with narrow margin experience
Hard rock experience
Team Leader
Compliant with federal and state regulations
Environmental, Safety, and Health trained
Experienced in Drilling Programs
Hydraulics, directional drilling, casing design, Wellview, Wellcat, Torque & Drag, Landmark Tools


University of Alabama - B.S. Petroleum Engineer
University of Alabama - B.S. Biology

Contact Information