Jesus Mannucci (TSResume)

Houston, TX

21 years in the Oil and Gas


Technical Sales Engineer ▪ Reservoir Engineer
▪ Complex Problem Solving ▪ Asset Management ▪ P & L Accountability, finance acumen. Projects and Large accounts management. Business Growth and opportunity Development▪ Subject Matter Expert/Mediator Client Relations Development▪ Reservoir Surveillance & Monitoring, Analysis and Production Optimization (Decline Curve Analysis (DCA) & Production Forecast IPR/Well Performance ▪ Economic Evaluation ▪ Reserves assessment (estimation and classification) ▪ Reservoir Characterization (PVT analysis, Log analysis, Fluid Flow Displacement, Forecast and Fluid Characterization, Well Test Analysis (PTA) ▪ Budget/Resource Allocation ▪ Drilling, Completion & Work Over ▪ Well Stimulation (Reactive/Non-Reactive Treatment) Hydraulic Fracturing & High Pressure Pump ▪ Water Shut-Off Upstream Chemicals/Production (Raw Materials, Solvents, Emulsion Breaker, Surfactant) Chemistry/Oilfield (Drilling, Stimulation, Work Over) ▪ Coiled Tubing Treatments, Wireline Operation (Logging/Fishing/Services) ▪ OFM, DIMS, MAEP, OpenWells, StressCheck, Spotfire. CRM.


BS Petroleum Engineer
Certificate of Advanced Reservoir Engineering
Advanced Management Program

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