Data Scientist/Petroleum Engineer


Proven expert with extensive experience in the oil industry, with working experience in upstream. Dedicated researcher skilled in testing, model creation, and data analytics. Author of multiple engineering-based publications published nationally and internationally. Fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Technical proficiency in Microsoft Office, MS Project, Autocad, 3d visualization software, Decision Space, Openwells, OpenWorks, OpenWire, Compass, WellPlan, Drillworks, Data Analysis tools such as C++, PL/SQL, Python/Pandas, SAS, and Spotfire.


PETROBRAS AMERICA INC, Houston, USA 2010– 2016
Data Engineer/Drilling Engineer
 Provided vital support for well design, construction, and quality testing employing a wide variety of analyses.
 Collaborated with service companies, suppliers, and contractors to provide excellent service.
 Organized and streamlined company administrative processes and procedures, submitting key reports on testing results and overseeing rig operations to ensure safety and efficiency.
 Implemented reports for invisible lost time during the operations. This identified rig team efficiencies and inefficiencies by measuring in detail the impact of each distinct activity on total rig time.
 Enabled the team to make critical corrections on tasks in a timely manner by applying in-depth knowledge of MS Project.
 Increased efficiency and accuracy of communications between partners working on well projects by implementing a Daily Operations Unified Report shared between both US and Brazil operations.
 Synchronized the Houston drilling operations database with the International database in Brazil, making data sharing much more efficient.

BP-Real Time Center Team Lead, 2008-2010
 Nominated for Employee of the Year, and earned multiple awards for service and excellence, including the “Service Star Award,” “Drilling Employee of the Year,” and “Maximizing Value added Performance.”
 Offered outstanding service using current technology, strategic planning, and activity coordination.
 Ensured technical personnel satisfaction by determining their requirements and addressing their needs.
 Saved planning time, ensured data consistency, provided real time check on models reducing nonproductive time by implementing an interdisciplinary workflow, resulting in an increase in the number of onsite consultants.
 Performed business process for on-site consulting.

Video made by Misael showing multidisciplinary integration

Managing Consultant, 2005-2008
 Received the “Outstanding Onsite” award for support provided in the North America Region, working with Shell, Chevron, and BP.
 Supported project planning and modelling to ensure project success.
 Provided training, advising, and mentoring to clients and technical instructors.
HALLIBURTON ENERGY SERVICES, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2001-2005
Senior Technical Advisor, 2003 – 2005
 Pioneered the first real time pilot project of monitoring drilling operations showing all the workflows around the project using the concept of “drilling to the earth model,” which improved the communication and collaboration between geologists and drillers accelerating the well design process and decision making during the operations.
 Designed and implemented a testing and monitoring facility for Petrobras.
 Served as Openwells instructor for local Brazilian oil companies.
Onsite Drill Team Lead, 2002 – 2003
 First consultant of Halliburton Landmark on site in Petrobras Rio de Janeiro. Installed a drilling operations database for a couple of rigs as a test. Successfully integrated the systems to manage the flow of data and creation of daily reports. Based on the success of the demonstration, expanded the business to 8 consultants to install and manage the systems for additional rigs. Integrated and matched each consultant to the right unit in Petrobras and developed a system of rotations that let Petrobras chose the consultants with the best match to each unit. The implementation of the onsite consultancy group was very successful.
 Oversaw a team of eight drilling consultants for Petrobras.
 Performed business process for on-site consulting.
Engineering Consultant, 2001 – 2002
 Certified in DIMS (operational database) customer support, and worked to install DIMS on offshore oil rigs.
 Earned the “Drilling Employee of the Year Brazil” award for providing installation of the Oracle database, resulting in the purchase of the Halliburton Drilling database by Petrobras.

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Additional experience as an Independent Consultant and Research Engineer at CENPES (Petrobras Research Center).

Awards and Certifications

Maximizing Value-Added Performance – MVP 2008

North America Outstanding Onsite 2007

Maximizing Value-Added Performance – MVP 2004

Drilling Employee of the year – Brazil 2003

Honor Service Star Award – Practice Management 2002


E&P Experience as Consultant and Drilling Engineer
Data Analytics: C++, PL/SQL, Python/Pandas, SAS, and Spotfire.
Landmark subject-matter expert: Decision Space, Openwells, OpenWorks, OpenWire, Compass, Stresscheck, WellPlan, Drillworks.
Real Time data and support
Process and Workflow Optimization
Facilitator of collaboration across multidisciplinary areas
Speaks 3 languages, Spanish, Portuguese and English


Master of Science in Data Science, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX (Ongoing)
Master of Science in Civil Engineering, University of Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, University of Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil
Post-graduate studies in Petroleum Engineering, Pontifical Catholic University, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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