Florez Luisa Resume

Houston, Texas

Hydrogeology Field Researcher, Jackson School of Geosciences May-June 2016
-Collaborated in team of 3 to conduct 13 physical/chemical hydrogeological studies in Valles Calderas National Preserve through task management, prioritization and communication
-Acquired, analyzed, and quality assured hydraulic conductivity (via double ring infiltrometer, Guelph permeameter and slug tests), unstable water parameters, water depth, in-stream head, and water discharge measurements using instruments and MATLAB
-Communicated data effectively by leveraging Excel and MATLAB to produce visual aids

Senior Design Project Engineer, UT Austin Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering Department Jan-May 2016
-Collaborated with interdisciplinary team of 4 to determine recompletion plan of the Cuthbertson Field to increase production levels
-Structured recompletion strategy by verifying connectivity of wells and oil and gas in place
-Determined feasibility of an electric submersible pump strategy by forecasting production and economics
-Presented a water flood strategy as a more cost-effective approach saving $300,000 in capital expenditure

Environmental Specialist Intern, Chevron Energy Technology Company June-Aug 2015
-Optimized development of operational water management strategies by executing water stress assessments on 3 facilities leveraging World Resources Institute’s Aqueduct and IPIECA’s Global Water tool
-Pioneered guidance on assessing potential groundwater use risks through evaluation of groundwater budget
-Advanced sampling efforts in identifying potential odor sources at Richmond Refinery and nearby areas by increasing database content by 45% through use of sampling bags and a gas chromatograph tool
-Managed on-line review of oil skimmer treatment technology to develop recommendation for use at Chevron facility

Reservoir Engineering Intern, Statoil North America, Inc. (US Onshore- Marcellus) May-Aug 2014
-Increased recoverable reserves for asset by approximately 10% from previous business plan volumes by re-evaluating Estimated Ultimate Recoveries (EUR) for 156 wells through Rate Transient Analysis, Decline Curve Analysis and Type Well Curve Analysis
-Prioritized commercial viability of operated and non-operated dry gas and condensate-rich fluid areas of the Marcellus asset
-Investigated and data-mined effect of completion parameters (fluid volume, stage spacing, etc.) on EUR on 59 dry gas region wells

Engineering Technician, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (Water Division) June-Aug 2013
-Improved reporting process by standardizing templates of drinking water systems using MS Visio
-Administered water, benthic and sediment sampling at bays, rivers and creeks and documented 10 wastewater investigations
-Facilitated investigation by translating between Spanish speakers and investigators

Awards and Certifications

Equal Opportunity in Engineering (EOE) Academic Hall of Fame (2016), Women in Engineering Program (WEP) Champion Award (2016), Shell Drilling and Production Camp (2014), ExxonMobil Future Leaders Academy (2013), ExxonMobil Hispanic Heritage Foundation LOFT Fellowship (2013)


MATLAB, MS Office, IHS RTA, IHS DeclinePlus, Python (basic), ArcGIS (basic),Surveying, Water Sampling, Chemical Analysis (Titration and CHEMetric)
Languages: Spanish and English (fluent), French and Portuguese (basic)


B.S., Geosystems Engineering and Hydrogeology
The University of Texas at Austin, Cockrell School of Engineering GPA: 3.5/4.0 Graduation: August 2016

B.A., Anthropology
The University of Texas at Austin, College of Liberal Arts GPA:3.97/4.0 Graduation: May 2016

Semester Exchange – Australia Spring 2015
University of Technology, Sydney High Distinction

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