Business Leader in Advanced Analytics


An Integrated Operations leader deeply skilled in managing innovation at Decision Support Centers in oil and gas operations and utilities sectors. Deeply skilled in Business Execution for Pipeline Integrity Management, Real Time Monitoring, Advanced Data Analytics, Leak Detection, Program Management, Regulatory Compliance and more. Seeking a Leadership opportunity in product line management, customer and industry engagement.

Houston, TX

Real Time Monitoring: Deployed over 10 computational pipeline monitoring systems using real time transient models to enhance leak detection capabilities. Improved the process for analyzing real time information from Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) and tuning of models by transforming workflow with structured procedures. Application architect for the Data Analytics and Transformation system which increased the efficiency of deployment by 70%.

Advanced Analytics: Leveraged Big Data analytics on real time monitoring systems and improved operational expenditure (OPEX) by 30%. SCADA generates very large amount of data in log files containing system, operational, alarm and events information. Applied advanced analytics by integrating information from SCADA, SAP, and other data sources using Hadoop, Hive, Python, R and Spotfire. Developed a machine learning algorithm for a Data Science competition using case based reasoning and genetic algorithm written in java programming language to predict Estimated Ultimate Recovery for producing wells in Marcellus Shale. This resulted in 83% accuracy. Improved proactive monitoring of marine vessels using Automatic Identification System (AIS) to warn controllers of risky operations near pipelines.

Pipeline Integrity Management: Developed a 15 point performance criteria for evaluation of multiple pipeline integrity management systems. Analyzed Fiber Optic Distributed Temperature/Acoustic Sensing, Acoustic Monitoring, Negative Pressure Wave and Real Time Transient Modeling (RTTM) systems. The CSOC decision analysis led to selection of the RTTM.

Regulatory Compliance: Improved safety of pipeline integrity monitoring systems through deployment of software and services specifically to meet industry regulatory obligations, such as Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), Control Room Management (CRM) 49 CFR 195 and 192, API 1175, API 1130 and ASME B31.4. Performed risk assessment for all projects and ensured they adhered to the integrity management program. This contributed to the organization receiving multiple safety awards from API and the CEO of the company.

Lean Six Sigma: Reduced cost for field operations team facing increasing cost overrun when performing in service sleeve welding operation based on corrosion mitigation efforts and in-line inspection results. Facilitated a lean six sigma project to evaluate existing process workflow and provided recommendations for process optimization and continuous improvement. This effort led to a financial benefit of USD$150K per job.

Business Leadership: Completed delivery of the Operator Trainer Simulator project to the Control Room on time and on budget. Managed people from multifunctional departments with safe execution for the Jack St. and Malo oil export pipeline operating through 7000 ft depth below ocean and through oil gathering platform at Shell. By completing the project within defined scope, cost and performance, enabled the Jack St and Malo oil platform to meet first oil on time and avoid significant cost overrun.

Awards and Certifications

Certified Greenbelt Lean Six Sigma at Chevron
Certified in Capital Stewardship Organizational Capability (CSOC) at Chevron
Certified in Operational Excellence (OE) at Chevron


Business Intelligence / Spotfire, Tableau,
Machine Learning / CBR, GA, Random Forrest
Data Science / R, Python, Hadoop, Hive
Database Management / RDBMS, SQL, ODBC
Program Management / Microsoft Project, Agile, Negotiations, Risk Management, Finance
Lean Six Sigma / Statistics, Value Stream Mapping
Real Time Monitoring / SCADA, OSISoft PI, WITSML, Predix
Marine Vessel Monitoring / Automatic Identification System (AIS) Transponders
Programming languages / C++, C#, VBA, Fortran, Java
Dynamic Simulators / SPS (Stoner), LedaFlow, SimSuite, OLGA
Steady State Models / Epanet, Synergi, Pipephase


Master’s in Engineering Technology, (Engineering Management) West Texas A&M University, USA
Master’s in Biological and Agricultural Engineering, (Hydraulics) Texas A&M University, USA
Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria

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