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I am a highly skilled Petroleum engineer who graduated with a master degree from the University of Kansas in 2015. I worked as a Reservoir engineer for the Unconventional resources lab, a research wing of the Petroleum engineering department at the University of Kansas (consultant for Oil & Gas operators), USA during my graduate studies and for a year after my graduation until July 2016. I pride myself on my ability to adapt constantly by acquiring new skills as evidenced by the range of engineering projects I completed. I am also a team player with excellent analytical and problem-solving skills and proven ability in meeting project deadlines.


During my previous job, I worked on projects sponsored by operators in Kansas undertaken by the University of Kansas. My duties included Reservoir characterization, log data analysis, DST data analysis, Reserve estimation, Reservoir Modelling & Simulation, Decline Curve analysis, History Matching, economic analysis and Production optimisation. I have authored technical publications and have presented them at different SPE conferences across the country.


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Professional Experience

Reservoir engineer at the Unconventional Resources Lab, University of Kansas: Sept 2013 – July 2016

Reservoir Characterization, Simulation, History matching & Production forecasting of a production field under BEREXCO LLC to give recommendations

• Interpreted and analysed Well logs, Drill Stem Test data, Production/ Injection data, work over reports and core data to set up a 3D reservoir model of the production unit
• Created a reservoir model to simulate the production from the field using CMG software
• Predicted future production rates based on decline curve analysis of production history
• Performed reservoir analysis, history matching and gave recommendations to improve production rates by analysing water and CO2 injection
Simulated multi-stage fracture propagation (using NSI STIMPLAN) & studied the impact of fracturing fluid rheology on the ultimate production using reservoir simulator CMG

• Studied fracture propagation in the Mississippian Limestone formation based on geomechanical properties and injected fluid property data
• Modelled the impact of the fracture properties and formation damage on reservoir performance during production phase using CMG

Developed a Multi-Phase 3D Reservoir Simulator using MATLAB Program which can accurately simulate the reservoir performance

Intern, Artificial Lift - Oil and Natural Gas Corporation of India (ONGC): Jun-Aug, 2012

Recommended methods to optimise production from wells in Krishna-Godavari basin using Gas lift and Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP), ONGC, Mumbai: Jun-Aug, 2012

• Designed an ESP for artificial lift of wells with specific requirements.
• Collaborated in analysing the performance of wells where gas lift was being implemented and gave recommendations for production optimisation.
• Co-ordinated with different departments for obtaining the field data.

Awards and Certifications

• CMG-Reservoir simulation of shale gas & tight oil reservoirs using IMEX GEM & CMOST

• PETREL-NEXT Oil & Gas Training and Competency Development, Schlumberger

• NEBOSH- International Technical Safety Certification in Offshore Operational Safety


• Nodal analysis
• Material balance calculations
• Volumetric analysis
• Decline curve analysis
• Core analysis
• Hydraulic fracturing fluid rheology
• Hydraulic fracture propagation modelling
• Reservoir characterization
• Production optimization
• Reservoir simulation
• History matching
• Reservoir surveillance
• Economic analysis
• Big Data Analytics
• Computational methods (Numerical analysis)
• Mathematical modeling
• Pressure transient analysis


Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering University of Kansas 2015

Bachelor of Technology in Petroleum Engineering Anna University 2013

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