Senior EOR Reservoir Simulation Engineer


I am a petroleum engineer with 17 years of experience working in reservoir engineering and reservoir simulation engineering in PDVSA, which is the National Oil and Gas Company, ranking as the first 4 the oil companies in the world - only below from BP and Shell.

I am graduated also as a Bachelors of Science in the Universitiy Central of Venezuela, which in 2016 received an special award as the best University of America. I am doing my Master Degree final RD Study in Petroleum Engineering and Reservoir Characterization. During my studies I received classes from a join venture with the University of Alberta, Canadá and Texas AyM from NeXT Schlumberger, through a contract in the Venezuelan University of Hydrocarbon.

All my work experiencie are regarding on reservoir engineering studes of Waterflood and Gas Miscible Injection as a EOR and IOR projects in the most giant oil fields in the world. I can mention The Furrial Field (onshore) and Lagunillas Lago (offshore). The Furrial Field has the same compatibilities studies as the Gulf of Mexico (Cantarell field). Lagunillas Lago, is the offshore field wiich has close to 110 years of oil production and have completed more than 1000 wells. Most recently I have been exposed to perform reservoir simulation models form the lab scale basis to a full field scale in chemical EOR and IOR methods as Surfactant, Polymer and Gels - the last as a conformance treatment of wells.

An enthusiastic, creative person with 16+ years of experience in reservoir engineering and with mastering skills in software as well as in consulting, training and on-site support.  I have strong skills in the use of numerical simulation software provided by Schlumberger®, CMG® and Beicip-Franlab®, as well as standard applications of reservoir engineering, which provides reservoir maps visualization and data edition, classical and integrated workflows in reservoir analysis of current production which allows predicting the performance of future field development plans.  I have specialized by performing several workflows to simulate EOR and IOR by Conventional and Chemical Methods from the Lab Scale basis to a Full-field Reservoir Simulation.  These include the management of data-base entry in MS Office, ASCII files, Log files and Binary files of more than 1000 wells (production, injection, pressure, fluid thermodynamics, rock-fluid interaction, network facilities and perforation events.

Awards and Certifications

Geomechanics in holes stability and reservoir analysis.  Los Teques, September, 2016

o Predicting and hierarchical tool for enhanced recovery methods. Caracas, September, 2016

o Well test analysis.  Caracas, November, 2015

o Advanced well modeling. Caracas, April, 2015

o Assisted history matching, Sensitivity analysis, Uncertainty analysis for Thermal Steam Injection Projects. Caracas, April, 2015

o Reservoir simulation of Thermal Steam Injection Projects. Caracas-April, 2015

o Chemical aspects of Alkali-Surfactant-Polymer focus in reservoir simulation. Texas A&M and PDVSA. Caracas-July, 2014

o Advanced Fluids Thermodynamics Properties Modeling. Vienna, November, 2013.

o Reservoir Simulation of Gels, Alkali-Surfactant-Polymer and Foam Injection Projects. Caracas, July, 2012.

o Alcali – Surfactant – Polymer as an Enhanced Oil Recovery Method.  Mérida, November, 2011.

o Technical Responsibilities and Duties.  Los Teques, July, 2011.

o Attendant - SPE Reservoir Simulation Symposium 2011, Houston, Febraury, 2011.

o Advanced Reservoir Simulation. Los Teques, June, 2010.

o Advanced Reservoir Engineering.  Los Teques, May, 2010

o Reservoir Modeling.  Los Teques, April, 2010

o Portfolio, Sensitivity analysis and Uncertainty analysis MERAK PEEP , CAPITAL PLANING and DTK. Los Teques, December, 2009

o IELTS, Certification English Language. Univation LTD. Robert Gordon University. Aberdeen, From July to December, 2007.

o Fluid Modeling and Reservoir Compositional Simulation.  Caracas, December, 2006.

o Reservoir Gas Engineering and Reservoir Gas Condensate Engineering.  Maturín, July, 2006.

o Strategic Planning.  Caracas, June, 2006.

o Creative Design.  Maturín, October, 2005.

o Heavy oil recovery.  Los Teques, September, 2005.

o Organizing team-network. Caracas, June to July, 2005.

o High Performance for work team.  Caracas, May, 2005.

o LINUX Administration I. HP Education Services. Caracas, November, 2004.

o Activating team-network.   Caracas, October, 2004.

o English Beginner to Advanced Level.  2004-2008.

o Static Modeling of Reservoirs. Los Teques, November, 2003.

o Sealant Gel.  Conformance control - Water and Gas.  Los Teques, August, 2003.

o Quality assurance: ISO9001:2000.  August, 2003.

o Basic Reservoir Simulation. Caracas, August, 2002


Design and perform reservoir engineering and reservoir simulation engineering to recommend the best exploitation strategies of complex reservoirs, with high uncertainty, long production data (100y+) and many completed wells (1000+):  Gas Offshore reservoirs, HP/HT reservoirs, Natural Fractured Reservoirs, Heavy oil reservoirs, horizontal wells, deviated wells, smart completion modeling and integrated surface facility to subsurface modeling

Design and Perform reservoir simulation and carry out research of several EOR processes such as waterflooding, gas Injection and gas miscible injection, surfactant, alkali, polymer and their combinations, as well as IOR methods such as: Gels, DPR, MPR, by improving the workflows from the basis of Lab Scale to a full-field reservoir simulation by using the following suites: SUITE ECLIPSE (Schlumberger); STARS, IMEX, WINPROP, BUILDER (CMG); Athos or PUMAFLOW (Beicip Franlab); PVTi, SCAL, Pre-Postprocessors: SCHEDULE, GRID, SIMGRID, SIMVIEW, GRAF, OFM

Received specialized training in reservoir simulation of thermal EOR methods (SAGD, HASD, CCS, CIS) and advanced wells modeling (FLEXWELL, FCD) using the CMG suite: STARS, IMEX, WINPROP, BUILDER and CMOST; as well as portfolio management and sensitivity analysis MERAK PEEP, CAPITAL PLANNING and TDK, PETREL RE (Schlumberger) and UTCHEM (Texas AM) which is the reservoir simulator of chemical processes in Lab Scale Basis.

Carry out R&D in reservoir simulation in order to evaluate new modeling techniques, tools or technologies (workflows such as history matching, run predictions and computational sciences such as solution methods, formulations and algorithms of: ECLIPSE (Schlumberger), IMEX (CMG), Semiya (PDVSA), PETREL RE (Schlumberger) and PUMAFLOW (Beicip Franlab).


Master in Characterization and Exploitation of Reservoirs – Fellow /// Expected 2017

Venezuelan University of Hydrocarbons – Los Teques. Miranda


Final I&D Study – Project (In progress):

“Waterflood optimization through water control chemical technologies to improve the production and injection profiles in the east area of the SJN FUL 2 reservoir, El Furrial Oil-Field”


Petroleum Engineer Bsc, (5 years), 1999

University Central of Venezuela – Caracas. Distrito Capital

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