Northside: Reservoir Modeling and Production Evaluation in Shale-Gas Reservoirs

This presentation examines issues with forecasting and evaluating production from unconventional gas reservoirs, such as the Barnett Shale. A key factor in economic shale-gas development is maximizing the reservoir area that is connected to the wellbore by creating a very large man-made fracture network. The fractures created in many shale-gas reservoirs are far from the classic planar model; they are large complex flow networks. For a given matrix permeability and pressure, gas production will be determined by the number and complexity of fractures created, their effective conductivity, and the ability to effectively reduce the pressure throughout the fracture network to initiate gas production. Understanding the relationship between fracture complexity, fracture conductivity, matrix permeability, and gas recovery is a fundamental challenge of shale-gas development. This presentation highlights the application of reservoir simulation to model production in shale-gas reservoirs, providing significant insights into these relationships that can improve stimulation designs, completion practices, and field development strategies. Examples from the Barnett Shale that incorporate microseismic fracture mapping and production data are used to illustrate the applications of production modeling to evaluate well performance in shale-gas reservoirs. Currently, most shale gas resources are developed using horizontal wells and thus the presentation focuses on horizontal completions. This presentation also highlights type-curve analysis techniques that aid in evaluating stimulation and completion effectiveness, providing important insights that can lead to improvements in both well productivity and ultimate recovery from shale-gas reservoirs.
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Location: Greenspoint Club
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Date: Sept. 14, 2010, 11:30 a.m. - Sept. 14, 2010, 1 p.m.