Contact Information

  • Paul Wyer


Leader and advisor in earthquake seismology and microseismic analysis with a proven track record in scientific research and leadership. Driven and resourceful, with a positive attitude to change.

  • Exploration geophysics
  • Geoscience research and consulting
  • Project management
  • Programming languages and tools
  • Innovation
  • Team leadership, inclusion, collaboration, and mentoring
  • Clarity in written and verbal communication

Available to discuss new opportunities in the US, Canada, or virtual (remote). 


Houston, TX


Research Geoscientist
Delivered research and actionable guidance to management and business units impacted by (induced) seismicity concerns worldwide. Five years of experience in this role included geophysical research and technology development, multi-disciplinary integration, hazard and risk assessment, consulting, and roles in team and project leadership.

• Led team working license to operate issue and advised management as Acting Team Lead.
• Led multi-year integrated study of induced seismicity at producing oil field, enabling robust assessment of potential geohazard and its mitigation at this and other fields.
• Provided expert guidance to business units on seismicity relating to oil and gas production, hydraulic fracturing, saltwater disposal, and carbon capture and sequestration, in order to protect public wellbeing whilst responsibly maintaining operation of high value company assets.
• Mentored and collaborated with interns, new hires, and peers at all levels for business impact through shared knowledge and ideas and to promote a healthy work environment.
• Trusted to represent corporate interests externally on potentially sensitive seismicity topics.
• Developed and implemented corporate processes and guidelines for early seismicity screening to avoid high costs of post-event mitigation.

Awards and Certifications

• Co-chair: 2020 SEG Annual Meeting: Induced Seismicity - Observations, analysis, processes
• Co-chair: 2020 SEG Annual Meeting: Passive Seismic - Ambient noise analysis
• Co-chair: 2017 SEG Annual Meeting: Passive Seismic - Event Location
• Sponsor: Godwin-Wyer student and teacher scholarships, Monarch Project Educational Initiative
• Taskforce member: IOGP Induced Seismicity Task Force, 2016 - 2017
• Stakeholder member: SEAM Microseismic Stakeholder Group, 2018 - 2019


Strength in Analysis and Interpretation:
• Integrated geophysics, geology, geomechanics, and statistics for forecasting and mitigation of seismic activity and help avert associated financial, reputational, and societal exposures.
• Conducted microseismic analysis, interpretation, and consulting for applications in oil / gas production optimization and verification of fluid / gas containment in subsurface storage.
• Assessed probabilistic seismic hazard for potential earthquakes associated with company assets and the ground motions and impacts that would be anticipated.
• Innovated in technologies to better detect and characterize weak earthquakes. Products benefited the company directly and supported external credibility on a potentially sensitive issue.
• Directly influenced investments and divestments ranging in the tens of millions of dollars through a series of other geophysical roles over 14 years in oil and gas exploration.

Software (partial list):
• Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, OneNote)
• Esri ArcGIS products
• Petrel
• Python (including ObsPy)
• InSite-Geo (seismic / microseismic processing)
• Oasis Montaj (potential fields)


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Geophysics, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK
Thesis: Gravity anomalies and structural segmentation of the Eastern USA passive continental margin

Bachelor of Science (BS) Honors, Geophysics, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK
Dissertation: Southeastern Tennessee crustal structure and seismicity