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Improving how we use Energy.  

Leveraging Upstream Oil & Gas experience to identify and progress opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint today and define and accelerate project for lower carbon energy alternatives for tomorrow.

- Collaborative and innovative problem solver who leads multifuntional teams, employing opportunity / project management and integrated assesment. 

- Successfully matured a broad range of assets - from incubation of idea to identification to full-fledged project - through expertise in resource characterization, concept screening, cost and schedule estimation, and economic evalution.

- Led teams responsible for major greenfield projects and supplemental projects in existing facilities using strong relationship skills for effective technical interfacing and stakeholder engagement.


Houston, TX


Joint Interest Advisor - US
Coordinated subsurface engineering technical deliverables and influencing for top Gulf of Mexico (GOM) asset in terms of Operating cash generation. Advisor for other US non-operated assets. Managed internal reporting including stewardship of planning and budgeting, reserves assessments, and production forecasts.
• Guided 1-team approach with ExxonMobil and Operator asset teams for strategic influencing of joint venture, redirecting priorities and pace to focus on value-added opportunities now and defer more costly projects for optimal market timing.
• Performed rigorous economic evaluations of Operator-proposed work plans (2 new wells, >10 well interventions, 3 major capital projects) resulting in well-informed funding decisions.
• Advised on and reviewed Operator’s subsurface technical products, ensuring prudent operations while sharing synergies that improved technical products and minimized duplication of effort.

Reservoir Engineering Team Lead - Brazil
Spearheaded reservoir engineering team and integration of other disciplines (Drilling & Completions, Subsea Engineering, Flow Assurance, Operations, etc.) for Carcara, ExxonMobil's first, Brazil pre-salt development project from post-acquisition, through concept selection to early funding milestone in record time (< 2yrs, Concept Select to Advanced Commitment Funding Gate in only 3 months).
• Persuaded partnership to align on inclusion of specific optionality / flexibility in development plan by leveraging team's reservoir simulation modeling.

“Early Pursuit” Engineering Team Lead 2015 - 2018
Led new strategic and uniquely designed, multidisciplinary engineering team which identified and communicated the value proposition for Exploration Company through consultation and training.
• Influenced portfolio prioritization through fit-for-risk screening and collaborative decision-making.
• Improved efficiency of Exploration's opportunity identification, characterization, and evaluation process, reducing evaluation cycle time.
• Evaluated >100 opportunities for acquisition by collaborating with geoscience and commercial business analysts, resulting in record year for captures.
Senior Development Planning Engineer - Papua New Guinea (PNG) 2014 - 2015
Led early project planning for PNG LNG expansion efforts. Managed P'nyang integrated project team for Petroleum Development License (PDL) application and required deliverables including Concept Project Design Basis, Socioeconomic Report, domestic gas and power plans in Project Information Memorandum. Stewarded joint venture work program and budget.
• Interfaced with stakeholders, gaining partner alignment on all aspects of development plan.
• Initiated Train 3 Charter Team and coordinated respective inter-company expansion effort.
Senior Development Planning Engineer - Global 2011 - 2015
Coordinated multidisciplinary engineering teams for numerous global Exploration & Development opportunity assessments and regional / field studies.
• Enabled organization to avoid low-value work and high-grade best opportunities for capital efficiency and improved agility in licensing rounds through fit-for-risk screening.
• Conducted economic analysis of non-operated assets in North Sea for key business decisions including FPSO lease vs buy and final investment decision / project sanctioning.
• Reviewed bid proposals and associated cost estimates from Environmental & Regulatory contractors for Development Plan Application, producing fit-for-purpose Scope of Work for US Offshore opportunity.
• Restructured Commercialization Time Reduction process for accelerating opportunity to first project gate.
• Revamped Opportunity Evaluation and Screening Economics workflows for streamlining and process improvement.
• Updated and improved early project abandonment and decommissioning guidelines.

Reservoir Engineer - Global
Led reservoir technical evaluations of infill drilling and workover programs and optimized depletion plans for several mature Texas oil and gas fields to maximize profitability of assets.
• Built complex simulation model for testing development options and understanding of subsurface uncertainties of US offshore heavy oil asset and performed simulation studies for offshore West Africa for development planning.
• Facilitated the Production Engineering and Geoscience data integration for a Middle East field study, enhancing geophysical logging and interpretation.
• Mentored interns and new engineers; recognized for significant improvements in onboarding process.

Awards and Certifications

-Professional Engineer, Petroleum Engineering - Texas Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors
-ExxonMobil Advanced Skill Milestone in Reservoir Management - top achievement in core competency


Economic Analysis
Analytical Performance Prediction
Reservoir Simulation Modeling
Depletion Planning
Reservoir Surveillance & Optimization
Reserves Assessment
Unitization & Equity Determination


-Bachelor of Science (BS), Geological Engineering, University of Missouri, Rolla, MO
-ExxonMobil Gas Business Fundamentals - Thunderbird School of Management
-ExxonMobil Project Management Leadership - UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School
-ExxonMobil Enterprise Leadership Program - UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School