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  • Pablo Henriquez
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Petroleum Engineer with broad technical background and over 14 years of leadership in Field Operations, Maintenance, HES, Marine operations, Workover & Completion in multiples Offshore/Onshore Gas and Oil fields. Recognized by Strong Safety Principles and Operational Discipline. The youngest person in each position held, always exceeding expectations and sustaining high performance during professional career. Ability to Optimize Processes with Agile Mindset through digital tools and technologies with significant impact in productivity.






Operations Senior Advisor
Dates (Month/Year): Aug 2018 – To date
Job Title: Operations Senior Advisor
Employer: Chevron.
Location: Venezuela
Supervisor(s): Gustavo Plata (GUPL)
Operations Senior Advisor
Job duties:
 Provides technical leadership to Non-Operated Join Venture NOJV Operations & Maintenance Team ensuring compliance with Personal and Process Safety standards.
 Accountable for Production Reporting to Chevron including tracking of loss production opportunities (LPO).
 Provide engineered technical solutions to eliminate existing bottlenecks at Oil Dehydration Plant and Wellpads.
 Support Maintenance and Projects team activities as Operations Representative.
 Ensure compliance with all NOJV Company safe work practices and following to procedures and regulatory requirements.
 Coordinate Technical Services Agreements (TSA - Contracts) to support Non-Operated Joint Venture (NOJV) Asset.
Align and Inspire:
 Inspire and support BU peers from Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela (One Team) in different functions: O&M, Capital Projects, Planning Teams to develop Power Bi Reports based on Venezuela Eastern Operation Team reports created. More than 8 Power Bi Reports were developed or technical supported in LABU. Work was recognized by BU Managers.
 Support others in times of need recognizing NOJV colleagues with featured behaviors in personal and process safety in a hardship environment (country's situation).
Build Relationships:
 Bimonthly Team Building Meetings are performed regularly, outside work offices with the participation of NOJV Mixed Company Employees to promote productive relationships and ensure inclusive treatment.
 Actively participate in weekly networking meetings of LABU Quick Wins Team (IT Org. Argentina) supporting of digital solutions DevOps with Microsoft's Power Platform. Multiples Performance Improvements were executed, planning thru sprints and backlog prioritization reviewed.
Grow Capability:
 Seek opportunities to grow skills with temporary assignment (Delegation of Authority) as Operations Deputy Manager (Pay Salary Grade: +2).
 Knowledge transfer to NOJV Employees thru Technical Trainings and Advises in: Develop, Writing and Use of Operating Procedures, Design and Optimization of Operations Routine Duties ORD, Pre-Start Safety Review PSSR, Simultaneous Operations SIMOPS, Isolation of Hazardous Energy IHE, Computerized Maintenance Management System CMMS, Management of Change MOC, Process Safety PS.

Deliver Results:
 Deployed impactful digital solutions thru Microsoft Power Apps: 1. App to handling and schedule external services (Work Orders) saving cost for more than 10 KUSD/year. 2. Tool with connection to STATURE software .csv files of PHA (HazOP – Lopa) studies and deliver multiples reports & customizable tools to support critical bypass activities, operating procedures (COD), emergency drills, critical integrity tasks, etc.
 Improved team performance with development of seven (7) automated Microsoft Power Bi Reports saving more than 540-man hours/year. Enhanced user interface with stunning dashboards and automating more than ten (10) routines with Microsoft Flows.
 Removed barriers to achieving results with the design and execution plan to normalize critical process bypasses in the Crude Dehydration Plant, Gas Plant and Extra Heavy Oil Field. More than 130 critical bypasses were closed according to plan. NOJV Procedures and templates of Bypass of Critical Protections were enhanced.
 Identify and mitigate risks championed safe operations facilitating multiples Root Cause Analysis, Formal Process Hazard Analysis (HAZOP, What If, Checklists), Management of Change (MOC), Isolation of Hazardous Energy (IHE), SIMOPS and develop safeguard maps in Microsoft Visio® and led Safeguards Verification and Validation Workshops (SSV and FSV).
 Collaborate with and guide a NOJV Operations Team to achieve goals developing Operating Procedures for new projects, turnarounds and revalidation of existing procedures for Crude Dehydration Plant, Gas Plant, Wellpads and MPPs.
 Found alternatives and solved multiples operational problems with technical reports and develop more than eight (8) Contract Scope of Work (SOW) for Technical Services Agreements (TSA) to improve and stablish production @130M BOPD.

Offshore Operations Engineer
Dates (Month/Year): May 2013 – Aug 2018
Job Title: Offshore Operations Engineer
Employer: Chevron.
Location: Colombia
Supervisor(s): Miller Moya (MMOY)
Offshore Operations Engineer
Job duties:
 Accountable for +300MMSCFD gas production of two offshore platforms, Owned & Chartered Vessels and Dock of Marine Operations.
 Supervise offshore & marine operations organization with ~30 positions (CVX and Contractors).
 Contract owner for 10 offshore services OEB $1.8MM, OPEX: $500M and Project Manager of Small Capital Projects CAPEX: $400M.
 Advisor of Operating Procedures (OP), Operations Routine Duties (ORD), IHE, SIMOPS and Marine Safety and Reliability (MSRE) Process.
 Subject Matter Expert in MSW, MOC, SERIP, SVV, IIR, WRO, SFO processes.
 Champion of reliability and integrity program in offshore operations.
Align and Inspire:
 Set clear expectations & aligned operations and maintenance teams through more than 90 leadership visits / year at offshore and marine facilities. Profit center goals & outcomes communication for audience adjusted and shared to workforce (~96 people).
 Engaged and motivated operations and maintenance workforce to contribute their best with leadership behaviors exceeding Safety requirements expectatives: MSW Engagements, SWA, Safety Meeting, BBS, Near Miss reporting, etc. Significant increment (150%) of leading metrics was observed regarding other facilities.
Build Relationships:
 Foster positive relationships & seek diverse perspectives with the representation of LABU in Upstream Operating Procedures Community of Practice (UPOP- Houston 2014). Success story in the develop and use of Operating Procedures in Colombia was shared to all Upstream BU. Best practices from others BU were implemented. Knowledge, experience and tools (SMARTPROCEDURES) from workshop were shared to others Profit Centers in LABU.
 Identified and built working relationships that contribute to business results with the participation in multiples offshore projects as Operations Representative: Small Capital Project, Turnarounds, Leadership Cross Functional Meetings, Lean Sigma, SIMOPS, System Safeguard Verification (SSV) and Field Safeguard Verification (FSV), Alarm Management, etc.
 Established formal and informal relationship with local marine authorities (DIMAR) and communicate with all level of organization: LABU Marine Authority. Local, international and CVX regulations were implemented and verified to vessels. Vessel flag requirements and marine crew competencies were always in compliance of rules.
Grow Capability:
 Shared to team and applied lessons learned of Worker Fall Fatality in a CVX offshore platform. Sought out opportunities to continual operations improvement with a handrail inspection of offshore facilities. The final reports with findings, action plan and progress were shared by LABU HES Manager to Latin America & Africa Business (CALAEB) as a best practice of Colombia.
 Seek opportunities to grow skills with temporary assignment Operations Team Leader (Pay Salary Grade: +2). Daily operations reports were created in Energy Component (EC) and shared to BU Managing Director.
 Contributed to the development of Offshore Supervisors and Operators (CVX Direct Report) achieving promote them to maximum Pay Salary Grade allowed: in their position and operations career development through temporary assignments in onshore operations.
 Identified and built the skills that will enable both individual and business success getting multiples certifications: Formal PHA Facilitator (What If, Hazop – Lopa), Investigation Facilitator, Operational Excellence Regular Certification, Lean Sigma, Incident Management Certification (AEMT EM), SSV & FSV Workshop Facilitator, etc.

Deliver Results:
 Persevered through barriers & found alternatives to accomplished and maintained the safest offshore and marine operations ever in Colombia Profit Center during the last 3 years in the position.
 Talked ownership for the results of the team coordinating the implementation Operating Procedures Standard to Colombia PC achieving to improve OP Assessment from “Initiated” to “Mature” in three years. More than 300 OPs were created. Led and implement Operations Training Program.
 Took corrective actions in personal & process safety concerns of offshore operations leading Small Capital Projects as Project Manager to close gaps: well control panel replacement, landing platform construction to mitigate man overboard during personal transfer activities, upgrade personal transfer baskets with new technology, extension of life saving equipments to support Maximum Allowed People Onboard POB during turnarounds, etc. Financial discipline was successfully applied.
 Accountable for the results within area of responsibility: finding and recommendations of OVID, SUPO, Random and Flag inspections to vessel were continually reduced to reach minimal possible, achieving a world class marine operation.

Dates (Month/Year): Mar 2011- Apr 2013
Job Title: Onshore Operator
Employer: Chevron.
Location: Colombia
Supervisor(s): Gustavo Plata (GUPL)
Dated (Month/Year): Mar 2010 – Mar 2011
Employer: Chevron Petroleum Company by Sertempo Subcontractor.
Location: Riohacha – La Guajira - Colombia
Job Duties:
• Operations Representative in “Riohacha Gas Dehydration Plant” Major Capital Project (MCP) during construction, commissioning and startup operations (1 year).
• Surveillance and allocation production. Comply with nominations and gas deliveries to transporters.
• Operator of gas dehydration plant, offshore production platform, and support to compression system.
• Temporary assignment as Metrological Assurance Engineer accountable for: monthly production allocation in Energy Component (EC), custody and quality gas measurement equipment’s.
• Wrote, updated, executed and maintained Operating Procedures in field.
• Supervised and optimized offshore inspections, testing and maintenance (ITPM) program including to DCS/SIS systems (DeltaV and HIMA). Performed the ORD and ODR. Developed of corrective work orders (WO) in the CMMS (JDE) and creation of purchase request (ARIBA).
• Accountable for personal and process safety on field with different roles in OE processes: MSW: Permit Approver, Area Controller, IHE Turnarounds planner and SIMOPS Coordinator. MOC: MOC owner, functional reviewer, PSSR team Leader, PHA Ops Rep. RM: Onsite Commander.
• Developed “Critical Bypass Register” digital solution thru Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) of Microsoft Excel.

Workover & Completions Operations Supervisor
Dated (Month/Year): Nov 2007 – Dec 2009
Employer: Petroworks S.A.
Location: Colombia – Ten (10) oil and gas fields across the country.
• Responsible to re-write and update workover and completions operating procedures.
• Supervises workover and completion operations including hydraulic fracturing, coil tubing, swabbing, cementing, well testing, wire lines activities, etc.
• Responsible for Contractor Workover Crew: floorhand, derrickhand and operator.
• Perform and ensure that workover and completion operations are carried out with best oilfield practices and in accordance with the program and all relevant Company standards.
• Provide detailed and timely reports to The Company Man.

Research Assistant / College Teaching Assistant
Dated (Month/Year): Jun 2006 – Jun 2007
Employer: Universidad Industrial de Santander – Enhanced Recovery Team
Location: Colombia – Bucaramanga.
• Support investigation project for National Oil Company: ECOPETROL S.A. Company in different enhanced oil recoveries (EOR) methods areas including: Thermal, gaseous, chemical, water injection, etc.
• Simulate different scenarios of enhanced recovery (EOR) through ECLIPSE® Schlumberger Reservoir Simulator.


Petroleum Engineer / Operations / O&M / Production / Process Safety / Offshore / Marine / Gas / Heavy Oil / Wells / HSE / Management System / Workover / Microsoft Power Platform / Power Bi / Power Apps.

Formal PHA Facilitator (What If, Hazop – Lopa) / Investigation Facilitator, Operational Excellence Regular Certification / Lean Sigma / Incident Management Certification (AEMT EM) / SSV & FSV Workshop Facilitator


2002 - 2007
Universidad Industrial de Santander
B.S. Petroleum Engineering