Contact Information

  • Kory Hutton
    (403) 617-9560


Katalyst Data Management


Subject Matter Expert responding to client inquiries, overseeing the development of quality technical solutions, research technical documentation, liaising with stakeholders, coordinating work groups, and performing product demonstrations.
• Oversaw several client Digital Transformation projects in NE British Columbia, creating Electronic Well Files used for Data Analytics and Machine Learning. Including Drilling, Completion, Geological Reports, Well Logs, Core and Well Tests, EHS and Regulatory documents
• Collaborated with logistics and IT support teams to provide business stakeholder data management insights and workflow processes in GIS applications and an internal Web based SaaS product
• Managed coordination of data collection from regulatory bodies, AER, NEB, BCOGC, GOS, and several European government websites
• Contributing Certified PPDM member working in partnership with industry experts to enhance and build standardized data management initiatives

Awards and Certifications

Professional Petroleum Data Managers
*CPDA Certification


• Geology
• Regulatory
• Drilling
• Oil and Gas
• Geochemistry
• Master Data Management
• Databases
• Data Collection and Analysis
• Project Management
• Data Governance


Southern Alberta Institute Technology
Petroleum Technology Diploma