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  • Olga Prieto
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Houston, March 29th - 2021





Attn: Human Resources

Ref: Drilling & Completions Engineer

Houston, U.S.A.                                           




Please find attached my resume for your consideration for a Drilling & Completions Engineer position that you might have available. I would like to put the professional skills I have developed during my career to work for a successful company.


In previous jobs, I have worked as a Drilling & Completions Engineer for different operator companies, and I understand the importance of deliver the well to production in the shorter time as possible avoiding Non Productive Times, through best drilling and completion practices, also managing tools and equipment inventories, and reducing logistics costs in compliance to HSE regulation.


During my professional career I have been working several years in the Oil & Gas Industry in different positions for both Operator as well as service companies Onshore and Offshore. I am Solutions Driven Petroleum Engineer (MBA) with related experience as a Drilling & Completions Engineer, Global Business Development, Sales and Operations Engineer; I have excellent communication skills and experience working with multicultural teams in remote locations (Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, West Africa and Gulf of Mexico – GOM U.S.A). Besides I am fluent in Spanish, English, Portuguese and basic Arabic.


I am available to work anywhere you may need my services and I have received the Covid vaccine. Currently, I am living in Houston and I am a Green Card holder. Please contact me at the address or phone number below if you have any further questions.

Thank you for your time and consideration.






Danilo Quinones 

Houston, Texas - U.S.A

Cell.: 1 713 614 8610







Houston - TX USA


I have been working in Oil & Gas industry for more than 20 years as a Drilling and Completions Engineer, Global Business Development, and Sales and Operations Engineer, for both operators as well as service companies in offshore and onshore operations around the world.

Awards and Certifications

HUET and Well Control training


1.Team Work
2. Critical thinking and Problem Solving
3. Computer skills
4. Communication skills (oral & written)
5. Professionalism and strong work ethic


Petroleum Engineer and MBA