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  • Benjamin Whitesell
    (918) 527-4269


Driven technical Solution Architect with a proven track record of adding value to businesses by aligning people, processes, and technology. Specializing in delivering technology solutions on time, within budget, and with the agreed upon scope and adding value to business through the alignment of people, processes, and technology. Passionate about ensuring technology serves the user and thrives on interesting and unique challenges that allow direct user interaction and team inclusion in the delivery of the solution. Possesses strong communication skills to inform all levels of the organization regarding the design, planning, and execution of pertinent and necessary information.




Tulsa, OK


Reservoir Analyst (Solution Architect) - Newfield Exploration - 2/2015-10/2016
PULSE Process Improvement – SigmaFlow Implementation
• Responsible for project planning and execution that resulted in an improvement to the well planning, scheduling, and reporting process
• Identified appropriate software solution, and negotiated the contract with the software vendor, to meet the needs of the well scheduling and forecast generating team members
• Identified new ways to manage existing datasets and helped team members incorporate the new methodology into their workflows
• Developed, executed, and completed project plan for implementation of new software solution ahead of schedule and within budget
• Project resulted in the reduction of PULSE process timing and require man hours by more than half
• Integrated new software solution with existing applications and processes through SQL, T-SQL, and Oracle stored procedure and view development
• SQL development to expose schedule, capital, and well specific data to existing production forecast system
• Spotfire development to provide analytical tools for capital expense reports
• Responsible for Spotfire Information Link creation and maintenance as well as analysis project and visualization development for multiple teams and projects
• Developed multiple Information Links and analysis projects that enabled the planning team to review and compare the capital budget and projected production volumes to the budgeted forecasts quickly and efficiently.
Business Performance Management Specialist - Newfield Exploration - 8/2013-2/2015
Leadership and Administrative Functions
• Helped define standards and best practices for a new Change Management team
• Designed process analysis efforts that supported the project deliverables for technology implementation projects
• Managed multiple projects ranging in scope from process improvement to process analysis and tool implementation
Land Program
• Managed multiple projects that resulted in the standardization of Land and Land Admin practices
• Assisted in repurposing personnel and ensuring their comfort in their new position and empowering them to perform most effectively through process and tool training
• Delivered functional specifications for in-house development efforts
• Facilitated communication that resulted in Land Processes and Procedures documentation
• Systems included home-grown VB.NET and SQL technology solution, Visio development and publication of procedures, OneNote documentation and collaboration on best practices and process documentation
Human Resources Process Standardization
• Managed a long-term process improvement effort that resulted in the development of an in-house tool to manage the onboarding, offboarding, and transfer processes for all employees.
• Collaboration spanned HR, Office Services, Executive Administration, Information Technology, Records, Legal, and field personnel
• Solution was developed in VB.NET and SQL, and was integrated with Oracle HR systems
Production Measurement and Reporting Initiative
• Coordinated efforts between NFX resources and consultant resources to help facilitate communications
• Shadowed consultants in order to understand their process and in turn be able to support the staff in their new processes and with their new tools after production release
• Delivered Visio process diagrams and responsibility/accountability matrixes across multiple facets of the organization
IT Project Manager - Newfield Exploration - 4/2011- 8/2013
PMO Development
• Helped develop PMO standards and guidelines for a newly formed Project Management Office
• Trained Project Coordinators to help them understand new documentation standards and realize the value in documenting the scope, cost, schedule, risks, and stakeholders for a project.
Materials Management
• Scope - Purchase, implement, configure, and deploy the iProcurement module from Oracle and the Siteview product from Peloton, as well as define and complete the modifications to the Inventory Module developed by Newfield.
• Budget – $1.3M
• SPI - .67; CPI – 2.16
• Stakeholders – 76
• Impact to business – Unified procurement processes and procedures. Eliminated >$500,000 in materials loss.
IT Roadshow
• The IT Roadshow was a users’ conference aimed at educating the entire organization on what IT has been able to accomplish with customers around the organization. This was a 5-venue engagement that required coordinated travel, scheduling, and problem-solving skills in order to deliver a quality experience in every location
• Budget > $500k
• Risk Response Savings - $50,000
• SPI – 1.0; CPI - .89
• Stakeholders – 53
Solution Architect - SigmaFlow, LLC - 11/2016-10/2018
Project Management Methodology Development
• Responsible for designing, training, and implementing a project management methodology that resulted in projects being delivered on time, within budget, and with the agreed upon scope
• Worked with SigmaFlow management and customer contacts to implement a project management system that provided transparency and clarity to the Professional Services’ teams initiatives
NERC Implementation
• Responsible for design and configuration of 12 NERC Cyber Infrastructure Protection processes to ensure organizations meet required standards
• Worked closely with customers and other contractors to develop user friendly and functional workflows and business entity designs
Well Delivery Solution Implementation
• Worked closely with the development team to incorporate new functionality and data management strategies
• Consulted with other Solutions Architects on Well Delivery implementations and support efforts to help deliver solutions that meet our customers’ needs
• Integral in designing a rig schedule optimization algorithm that builds a rig schedule based on customer’s focus: production, capital expense, leasehold
IT Applications Architect - Matrix Service Company - 7/2019-11/2020
Solution Architecture
• Responsible for designing a project reporting dashboard integrating MS Project with JIRA helpdesk software to provide a comprehensive view of resource availability, project schedule, project costs, and project status across 50+ enterprise projects
• Delivered MS Project Online training for 35 IT team members
• Responsible for documenting and analyzing Accounting systems (Concur, Penta, Informatica) processes and recommending modifications to both process and technology implementations to improve performance
• Completed projects to integrate 100k records of cloud application data with local data warehouse for daily accounting operations
• Documented system architecture, process diagrams, and information flow diagrams in Visio and OneNote for greater clarity and supportability
• Designed and delivered a Canadian expense program to enable the organization to recover reclaimable Canadian tax on expenses
• Managed relationships with multiple vendors, including contract negotiation; issue identification, investigation, and communication; vendor identification and evaluation
• Reduced data entry time and improved data quality and accuracy by 90% by analyzing Health, Safety, and Environmental team systems and processes

Awards and Certifications

PMP Certified
Newfield's Thinking Outside the Box Award - 2010
Newfield's All-Star Award - 2015


• Communication
• Project Lifecycle (PLC)
• Process Analysis
• Risk Management
• Project Planning and Documentation
• PMO Development
• IT Project Management
• Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
• Windows/Web Services
• Web Application Development
• Console Application Development
• N-Tier Solution Development
• Vendor Management
• Agile, SCRUM & Waterfall Methodologies
• Stakeholder Analysis
• Business Solution Architecture
• Microsoft Office & Microsoft Project
• Strategic Planning
Project Scope, Schedule, & Cost Development/Analysis


Oklahoma Wesleyan University
• Bachelor’s Degree pursuit in Organizational Management and Ethics 11/2014 – Present
Vatterott College 3/2002-1/2004
• Computer Programming/Web Design