Contact Information

  • Muhammad Usman
    +44 752 390 1302


(i) Experienced Logging While Drilling (LWD) Field Engineer with recent completion of MSc Petroleum Engineering & dissertation in Petrophysical Evaluation, open for the roles in relevant domains.

(ii) Recent Completion of MSc Petroleum Engineering with Advanced Practice here in UK

(iii) Extensive Field Experience as Logging While Drilling  (LWD)Engineer with Global Leader of Oil Field Services Provider (Schlumberger) 

(iv) Multiple Internships with renowned E&P Companies in Geosciences as well as in Petrophysical division of Reservoir Management Departments

(v) Mandatory Training Courses as well as on job trainings as an LWD Field Engineer. 

(vi) MSc in Geology with Magna Cum Laude and Silver Medal 

(vii) Bachelor’s in applied Geology

Other than above technical qualities, my proven record of verbal and written English communication skills with excellent customer services experiences in different diverse settings, extensive travels from remote areas of petroleum exploration and drilling sites to extensive international travels to US, UAE and UK also adds significant values to my overall profile. 

I consider myself culturally adaptable, strong willed, determined, resilient, hardworking, goal & detailed oriented individual. 

Furthermore, I have proven track record of voluntary contributions in non-profit organizations both in UK and US. This helped me to develop my interpersonal skills while experiencing diversity.   


Middlesbrough, United Kingdom


1: Field Engineer 2 – Measurements (Measurement\Logging While Drilling– MLWD) Schlumberger - Islamabad, Pakistan.

Provided following real time and recorded mode MLWD Services (i) Formation Density & Porosity with and without nuclear source (ii) Spectroscopy and Sigma (iii) Electromagnetic Propagation & Laterolog Resistivity logs (iv) Acoustic logs (v) Directional Resistivity services for Well Placement jobs (vi) Direction and Inclination (D&I) and Formation Natural Gamma Ray.

Other job responsibilities include, (i) Nuclear Tools Calibration and Nuclear Sources

Wipe/Leak Tests (ii) Job preparation and Inventories (iii) Client and Internal Deliverable & Reporting (iv) Logistic of tools and Nuclear Sources (v) Preparation of Cost Sheets, Job Tickets, and other cost related documents. (vi) Mentoring and monitoring new hires on jobs.

2: Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) - Islamabad, Pakistan.
Graduate Intern – Petrophysical Division of Reservoir Management Department.

Assisted in carrying out following tasks (i) Log Interpretation and Formation Evaluation (ii) Petrophysical calculations (iii) Archiving and arranging of all available raw log data (iv) Check morning reports from all running wells and update daily summary of wells.

3: Techno Petroleum (Pvt) Limited, Pakistan.
Intern – Geology Department

Participated in developing Time-Depth Contour Mapping and Geological cross section.

4: Sichuan Petroleum Administration (SPA), Pakistan.
Trainee Geologist - SP-2 Rig Kohat

Practical exposure of drilling mechanism, rig parts, mud system and mud logging unit.

5: Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL), Pakistan.
Intern- Exploration Department

Introduction to rig & drilling, petroleum system and functions of all different departments.

Awards and Certifications

1: Measurements-2 Course at Middle East & Asia Learning Center, Schlumberger, UAE
Main Learning Outcomes: Tool Physics and Operation Execution of Nuclear, Acoustic, Propagation, Geosteering and Laterolog LWD Tools. Basics of LWD log Interpretation.

2: Engineer-1 Course at Middle East & Asia Learning Center, Schlumberger, UAE
Main Learning Outcomes: MWD\LWD Surface System and Real time data acquisition through mud pulse telemetry, major MWD tools theory and operations, Drilling Practices and Direction & Inclination measurement theory.

3: OFS-1 at Middle East & Asia Learning Center, Schlumberger, UAE
Main Learning Outcomes: Introduction to Oil Field Services, Introduction to Schlumberger’s Company’s profile and Quality, Health, Safety and Environment.

4: Volun-tees award at Teesside University for on and off campus voluntary contribution

5: Attainment of Vice Chancellor’s Award at Teesside University.

6:Silver Medalist and Magna Cum Laud Honor awarded in MSc Geology


• Grasp on using LogIC software for well log data processing and
• Extensive experience of working with Schlumberger’s Data
Acquisition Software (HSPM, Maxwell)
• Experience of Working on Kappa Saphir to run well test sensitivity
• Experience of working on PIPESIM Software to run Nodal Analysis
for gas lift optimization.
• Microsoft Office and Internet browsing.


1: Jan 2019 – MSc – Petroleum Engineering with Advanced Practice
Jan 2021 (Grade – Merit) Teesside University, UK

Thesis: Investigation of Properties and Hydrocarbon Potential of Reservoir Rock Using Petrophysical Evaluation Methods (Case Study of A12a-CPP-A1 Well, A12 Field, Southern North Sea, Dutch Sector)

Key Modules: Advanced Drilling and Well Completion, Research & Enterprises, Petroleum Chemistry, Petroleum Reservoir Engineering, Hydrocarbon Production Engineering.

2: Sep 2007 – MSc in Geology (Grade – Cumulative GPA: 3.94/4) - Bahria
Aug 2008 University, Islamabad Pakistan.

Thesis: Petrophysical & Petrographical Analyses of Mari x-1, x-2 and x-3 wells of Mari gas field.

Key subjects: Petroleum Engineering, Sedimentology, Mineralogy,
Geographic Information System and Graduate

3: Sep 2003 – BSc Geology (Grade–First Division) -University of
Feb 2007 Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Muzaffarabad.

Field Reports: Field Reports on Geological trips to Northern areas of
Pakistan & Azad Kashmir.

Key Subjects: Petroleum Geology, Structural Geology, Petrology, and
Advanced Mineralogy.