Contact Information

  • Roger Urgel+Pinto
    +5 917 819 6712


Petroleum Engineer with a master's degree in Chemistry, experience in physicochemical characterization and determination of elemental concentrations. Passionate about drilling and completion fluids. I look forward to working with new technologies and approaches. A person who likes to work with people of different cultures and with experience living abroad. Scholarship holder from PAEC 2017 program by OAS and GCUB.






INTERN – Brazil (03/2017 – 03/ 2019) Cepetro - Centro de Estudos em Petróleo
• Introduced to more than 15 different chemical and physicochemical analyses in crude oil and water.
• Attained participation in the operations of a team for the development of a Petrobras project.
• Reached up to 7 different chemical analyses in the project by using reduced amounts of samples.
FILE CLERK – Bolivia (06/2015 – 02/2017)
YPFB Andina
• Performed a 36-month project for the registration and documenting of Exploration, Production, and Drilling department’s files by an outsourced service.
• Achieved the project goals in 20 months by increasing by 2 the documents registered per day.

Awards and Certifications

• Toefl ITP - 547
• Well Operation Crew Resource Management
• Well Control - Level 1
• PAEC scholarship by the OAS and GCUB (2016).
• 1st place in the engineering student fair “TecnoUPSA 2012” with the work Drilling fluid circuit (2012).


Drilling Fluids, Analytical Chemistry, Well Control Level 1, WOCRM, Occupational Health Safety and Hygiene, Teamwork, Leadership, Empathy, Communication Skills, Microsoft Office, VBA, Python.


• MSC. IN CHEMISTRY - Brazil (03/ 2017 – 03/2019)
Universidade Federal de Santa Maria - UFSM
Master's Degree in Chemistry in the area of Analytical Chemistry. It was developed a methodology for water, salt, and sediment removal from Pre-Salt petroleum using microwave radiation. Accomplished a final water content less than 1%.
• PETROLEUM ENGINEERING - Bolivia (02/2009 – 04/2015)
Universidad Privada de Santa Cruz - UPSA
Graduated with honors (92/100) with the project "Application of the Ex-tension Pac system in the Yantata formation for the completion of the UPSA-28 well". It was assessed a sand control system that combines a gravel pack with a hydraulic fracture.