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  • Thatiana Quintero
    (786) 492-9435


Petroleum Engineer with experience as Reservoir Engineer and Professor at the School of Petroleum Engineering. Professor with more than 9 years of experience as instructor, and professional in the areas of Geology and Reservoir. Specializing in problem solving reservoir performance analysis, reserve/volumetric estimation. Reservoir engineer with experience in Oil company with ability to develop strategies in line with company´s business objectives, efficiency production, performance surveillance & management and with excellent people management skills with ability to motivate and direct cross-cultural and multifunctional teams to meet project deadlines, quality standards and ensure profitability of operations




BALANCE MENTAL HEALTH, INC. Miami, USA Jul 2019- Present
Executive Administrative Assistant
An effective Executive assistant who can help directorial staff to make the best use of their time by dealing with all the secretarial and administrative tasks. An effective Executive assistant who can help directorial staff to make the best use of their time by dealing with all the secretarial and administrative tasks. The roles interact daily and is trusted to handle and complete important task in the director absence. The roles interact daily and is trusted to handle and complete important task in the director absence.

ZULIA UNIVERSITY. Petroleum Engineering School. Jan 2017-Oct 2018
Maracaibo, Venezuela
Director of the School of Petroleum Engineer.
Responsible for the planning, coordination, supervision and evaluation of the academic area, through the operation of educational policies, and seeking compliance with the guidelines and goals of the University.

ZULIA UNIVERSITY. Petroleum Engineering School. March 2011-Oct 2018
Full time Professor
Undergraduate Program:
• Geology I
• Reservoirs I
• Sedimentary Environments
• Reservoirs Laboratory

• Manger of the Department of Deposits
• Manager of the Department of Gas

ZULIA UNIVERSITY. Graduate Studies Program. Geology Program March 2007-Oct 2018
Full time professor
Graduate and Professional Program:
• Seminary

• Oil Engineering Program Coordinator

INCOCSA, C.A. Maracaibo.Venezuela Jan 2004-Dec 2016
General Administration.

PITINI,C.A. Ciudad Ojeda, Venezuela Mar 2003-Oct2003
Representative of sales.
Advice and sale of Lubricant in general, Venoco Marks.

PDVSA E&P. West. Maracaibo, Venezuela Jul 2001 - Feb 2003
Reservoir Engineer.
Reservoir Engineer in Integrated Studies. Lagomar. Pursuit and control in the activities corresponding to the works of the bases of resources in 20 years, Control and pursuit of the activities of perforation of the year in course, Elaboration of supports, Development of the studies integrated for the efficient and profitable exploitation of the reservations in the locations of Integrated Studies Lagomar, and Application and Management to the processes of Integrated Studies.

SIMSA, Services, Engineering and Maintenance, CORP. Aug 2000 - Jun 2001
Maracaibo, Venezuela.
Stimulation Engineer.
Stimulation of wells for injection of chemical: Demulsifies, Surfactants, dispersing of asphalts us and inhibitors of paraffin.

DEGREE WORK. Jul 1998 – Oct 1999
PDVSA Exploration and Production. Maracaibo, Venezuela
"Revision of the Plan of Exploitation of Location C-2, VLE-326" Lagocinco. Block V. Field Lamar.

INTERNSHIPS Dec 1997-Jan 1998
MARAVEN. Maracaibo, Venezuela
"Load of data in system of Lagoven wells and Corpoven, as well as the economic analysis and the sequence of wells of Maraven"

Awards and Certifications

Evaluations of cementation with records of electric cool, principles and interpretation, geology, petrophysics and Geophysical.
Petrophysics and Geophysical. SHLUMBERGER,2007
Seismic visualization and interpretation course. PETREL. SHLUMBERGER,2002.
Applied Mapping Course. PETREL SHLUMBERGER,2002.
Additional recovery for conventional methods. PDVSA-CIED. 2002
Economic Evaluations/MAEP. PDVSA-CIED.2002.
Elaborations of proposals of works bigger and smaller. PDVSA-CIED. 2002
Analysis and interpretation of test of pressures. PDVSA-CIED. 2002
Engineering of locations applied to integrated studies. PDVSA-CIED. 2002
Seismic for engineer and geologist. PDVSA-CIED. 2002
Petrophysical workshop. PDVSA-CIED. 2002
Audit of wells and production history. PDVSA-CIED. 2002
Geologic characterization of locations. PDVSA-CIED. 2002
OFM applied to monitoring of locations. PDVSA-CIED. 2002
Probabilistic analysis of the information. PDVSA-CIED. 2002
Integrated management of locations. PDVSA-CIED. 2002
Tutorship of production optimization. PDVSA-CIED. 2002
Tutorship of program of production of wells. PDVSA-CIED. 2002
Law of Hydrocarbons and their Regulations. PDVSA-CIED. 2002
Interpretation of registrations of tubed hole. PDVSA-CIED. 2002
Statistical analysis of the information. PDVSA-CIED. 2001
AICO/sentry. PDVSA-CIED. 2001
Oil Field Manager (OFM). PDVSA-CIED. 2001
Optimization of methods of production of wells. PDVSA-CIED. 2001
Park recollection of flow. PDVSA-CIED. 2001
Damage to the formation. PDVSA-CIED. 2001
Properties of the hydrocarbons. PDVSA-CIED. 2001
Tutorship of perforation Program. PDVSA-CIED. 2001
Aerated mud and foamy cements. PDVSA-CIED. 2001
Perforation Technology: Directional, horizontal and multilateral. PDVSA-CIED. 2001
Prevention of attacks and control of well. PDVSA-CIED. 2001
Wells completion/Control of sand/CBL. PDVSA-CIED. 2001
Rheology, hydraulics and wicks. PDVSA-CIED. 2001
Designs of perforation strings. PDVSA-CIED. 2001
Perforation fluids and associate problems. PDVSA-CIED. 2001
Interpretation of registrations to open hole. PDVSA-CIED. 2001
Geology applied to the perforation processes. PDVSA-CIED. 2001
Basicness of engineering of production. PDVSA-CIED. 2001
Basicness of engineering of locations. PDVSA-CIED. 2001
Geology of production. PDVSA-CIED. 2001
Basicness of engineering of perforation. PDVSA-CIED. 2001
Introduction to the processes of exploration and production. PDVSA-CIED. 2001
Motivation and enrichment in the work. PDVSA-CIED. 2001
Hygiene and industrial security in the oil industry and Petrochemistry. LUZ. 2001


• Reservoir Engineer and Geology
• Oil & Gas accounting and Economics Analysis
• Development of integrated studies for efficient exploitation and profitability of reserves
• Matured Fields Optimization/development planning
• Reservoir Performance. Analysis & Management
• Control and monitoring of drilling activities
• Reserves/Volumetric Estimation
• Production Performance Surveillance
• Application and Management to the Integrated Studies processes


Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Education- Dr. Rafael Belloso Chacin 2009-2011
University, Maracaibo. Venezuela

Degree of Master of Science in Petroleum Geology. University of Zulia 2000-2003
Maracaibo, Venezuela

Degree of Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineer. University of Zulia 1992-1999
Maracaibo, Venezuela