Contact Information

  • Lezlie Marlenne Garcia
    (554) 245-5045
    (575) 029-46


Dear Hiring Manager, 

I was motivated to contact you upon learning that SPE has an opening. For several years now, i have focused my career path and academic pursuits on learning and developing those all-important skills necessary to be great i this role. As a personal mission, I strive to empower and imporove other´s outlooks and circunstances. 

Ibelieve that being geniunie and nurturing, along with professional and driven, is an essential combination for people in my field. I possess business planing, data collection and staff management skills. Adiotionally, my abilities extended to collaboration and critical thiking whit profiency in customer sevice. Working with people from diverse backgrounds has provided me with a deep understending and awareness of differences in both individual organizations. These qualities will help to support SPE´s mission, while reflecting positively on the professionalism and competencies present in its employees. 

For futher detalis of my quealifications, background and contributions, please take a moment to review my CV. I believe that I can successfuly be the one you´re seeking and I welcome the opportunity to speak with you at your earliest convenience. 

Sincerely, Sosa García Lezlie Marlenne.





Awards and Certifications

Currently on the 10 semester of geophysical engineering


Relationship-Building, Flexible & Adaptable, Teamwork, Good listening skills, Microsoft ofice, Excellent work ethic.


Geophysical engineering, UNAM.