Contact Information

  • Ankur Singh
    (673) 715-8214


I am a well-rounded Production Technologist with 12 years of diverse experience working with Shell Assets,Technology Centers and Joint Venture E&P unit units in  Brunei, Gabon, Russia, Rijswijk, Italy, and India. Presently working as a new well delivery production technologist with Brunei Shell Petroleum for the last 5 years.

My experience covers WRFM optimization, Integrated Production System Modelling & Optimization, Completion, Intervention, Workover and Well Integrity. I have consistent high performance for last 10 years. I am self-driven, result-oriented and a Subject Matter Expert for Well integrity.Assessed meeting all technical and leadership proficiencies required for Senior Production Technologist.




BSP PT Functional Production Technologist (2016-2021)
Shell P& T (Bangalore) Italy (Carbonate) WRFM PT/Activity Lead: Valdagri field (2015)
BSP East asset Integration team WRFM PT (Aug 2013-2014)
Production Technologist for Egypt LTRO Project NEAJG Field (Jan-July 2013)
Shell P&T (Bangalore) Production Technologist for Maharaja Lela (Gas condensate) (Feb-Sep)12
Shell Gabon Field Production Technologist (Sep –Dec) 2012
Shell P&T (Rijswijk) HCM PT for Global Hydrocarbon Team (Jan11-Feb12)
Salym Petroleum Development (Russia) Field Production Engineer (PT-H) (Feb –Dec)10

Awards and Certifications

•BSP fit for future 2020 award for 5 new wells delivery of highly depleted and challenging drilling and completion
•Siberian Award for building the IPSM models (500+wells), calibration and generation of the 90 Day forecast using Prosper well models and surface network models –work during the well site assignment in Salym (Russia) 2010
•Shell EVP Finance & BSPMD award (Q3-2018) for PM optimisation by reducing waste(70% WO) and 250Kb/y deferment.
•BSP Line in sand award (Q1-2018) for identifying the BSP well integrity challenges and resolving it by new technology trails wellhead seal repair and secure CW (3) wells production deferments of 4000 BOEPD.
• Special recognition award (SRA) for
 Trouble shooting and kick off the CW-38ST1 with 800m3/d oil production in June 2019
 Organised and manage the BSP Well Integrity LOD-3 Audit in 2016
 Effective Well by well review and technology trial (asphaltene, ESP and inflow optimisation) with ENI in 2015
 Additional ESP run life improvement project Egypt in 2013
 Field development plan work of ML South (red flagship project) signed by Peter Voser in 2012


•Integrated production system modelling: (Olga transient simulation gas well performance), IPSM nodal analysis to model inflow, outflow, scheduling and facility constrains, improving IPSM system efficient by open server programming.
•Inflow enhancement: Design and executed frac using STIMPLAN, acid stimulation and perforation (SPOT)
•Well Design: Tubing size and material selection, load/stress analysis in WellCAT/API, conceptual completion (producer/injector), Sand Control Method Selection, Artificial lift design
•Well delivery and interventions: completion installation (smart gas/oil wells completions, gravel packing, ESP-completions, water injector, gas lift completion, frack and pack completion) & workovers activities (re-completion, perforations), interventions (flowing gradient survey, frac/OBM flow back design and execution, PLT, SBT, Acid bull heading, CTU N2 lifting, gas Deliquification, sand clean out, annulus integrity test and perforations).
•WRFM activities: Operating Envelopes, ORIP, Well reviews, AFPRs, PSO, Well optimisation, Debottle necking
•Artificial Lift: ESP design, diagnosis, analysis, troubleshooting in IPM/Sub Pump & Gas Lift system in IPM/Win Glue
•Well Integrity: Corrosion review, ALRs, SIL analysis, technical review, annulus investigations, barrier management,
•Coaching: Running subject expert network, coached 3 PT graduates and (1 internship) per year in BSP both in office and field, 2-PTs in Shell Bangalore for assessed internship. Delivered several sessions on Choke training, Well Integrity training, Open server IPSM (once in every year) & PT for Other Disciplines training (twice in every year) in BSP. Peer assist and review for Well Operating Envelop, Well Modeling and Well Integrity in BSP and STCB India.
•Business Tools: -Stimplan, WellCAT, FIST,ScalChem,STIM2000,Krest,Cerbus, PI, PU, OFM, eWIMS, SPOTFIRE, Python
•Technology Deployment: BSP (VPAC, Resman, KCI,C-flex, Single trip completion), Italy (Super solvent), Egypt (ESP)


2005 – 2009 Bachelor of Mining Engineering (IIT-ISM, INDIA). Result - First class [GPA: 8.3/10, 2nd Topper]

SPE Publication 2014: Exception-Based Surveillance - Integrating Well Models, Real Time Production Estimates and Hydrocarbon Accounting Tool in Well Operating Envelopes to Ensure Optimal Well Production within Safe Limits