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  • Roxana Serpa
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I am passionate about the energy transition and committed with driving forward carbon negative, renewable and energy vectors’ projects and solutions. My commitment motivated me to study a diploma in Renewable Energies focused on solar, wind and biomass and slightly shift my career focus towards the energy transition. I am a commercial professional with 25+ years of experience in the energy industry and a powerful blend of business, agreements and regulatory backgrounds. Through hands-on roles and strategic leadership positions, and thanks to a broad portfolio of complex and integrated projects of magnitudes expressed in US$ Billions, I’ve navigated the entire value chain of the upstream business (origination, negotiation, execution, midstream, primary marketing and divestment). I gained exposure to regimes of 40+ countries in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia and South America. Besides Peru I have lived and worked in the USA, Netherlands, China and Argentina. Now that physical location is no longer a boundary I am back at home and from here I will deliver on the energy transition.






CONSULTANT, Lima, Peru Dec’20 - to date
Relocation and settlement back in home country. Business, commercial, regulatory and contractual matters related to Energy Transition, Renewable Energy and Energy Vectors.

SHELL 2005-2020
Senior Advisor/ Commercial and New Basins Argentina 2020
Member of the in-Country COVID-19’ management response team focused on strategies, development and implementation of compliant policies to protect people and preserve assets’ integrity while assessing risks, mitigating impacts and analyzing scenarios and signposts. Senior Advisor for projects and Coach of junior commercial staff.
• Secured safe work environment, first operator to restart onsite work during the pandemic (ca.700+ people).
• Commercial assurer of US$450MM overseas industrial Carbon Capture (CCS) projects that created value by leveraging existing assets, establishing alliances, deploying technology and manufacturing biofuels.

Commercial Manager/ Joint Venture Representative Argentina 2017
Leadership Team, Crisis Scenario Planner, Joint Venture Representative, Commercial Manager with P&L accountability and five direct reports. Managed in accordance with the Group’s corporate strategy, business plans and relevant portfolio decisions, the full commercial value chain of seven Joint Ventures with an annual headline of ca. US$500MM.
• Developed commercial growth strategy that supported corporate approval of a US$1.4B investment decision.
• Member of Argentina Tender Board, accountable for the approval of submitted local procurement strategies, selection criteria and tender results to deliver capital projects. Single approval authority up to US$10MM.
• Coordinated efforts to manage grid access risks and systematically evaluated, monitored and ranked entry points based on baseload, schedule and financial factors to create optionality, optimize dispatch and avoid deferments.
• Designed market strategies that yielded net revenues of ca. US$ 290MM, secured 100% offtake in a long market business context, reduced credit exposure and built effective commercial relationships.
• Achieved ca. 75% netback savings and facilitated accelerated production ramp-up by structuring and negotiating deals that influenced 3rd parties’ capital projects and were key enablers to reach the market.
• Improved efficiencies, identified external synergies, and negotiated and delivered solutions that optimized ongoing capital projects with near term impact of ca.US$35MM.

Asset Commercial Lead / Integration Manager China 2013
Management and Operational Leadership Teams. Led commercial delivery of multiphase developments in South China. As Integration Manager I adopted an agile leadership style that successfully drove a multidisciplinary team through a complex technical campaign, managed change, achieved behavioral transformation and reinforced collective delivery.
• Setup governance and interface systems to streamline decision-making processes, unify management criteria and introduce clarity into asset delivery, which translated into overall project cost reductions.
• Designed market development strategies that built on Group’s strengths to secure commercial viability of ca. US$13.6Bls. CAPEX related to investment development decisions.
• Managed a US$200MM+ decommissioning and restoration project that leveraged performance of a multidisciplinary team, fast-tracked delivery and achieved ca. 35% reduction on costs.
• Brought-in stakeholders and crafted a win-win deal proposal representing over US$100MM impact by executing sound agreements that addressed counterparty’s interest, mitigated operational risk exposure, managed residual liabilities and reinforced relationships that enhanced reputation as partner of choice.

Business Development Commercial Lead (Global) Netherlands 2005
Leader of commercial disciplines on integrated projects (legal, finance, tax, etc) and Subject Matter Expert in Contracts & Agreements. Commercial responsibility in ~30 projects (global basis) involving a broad portfolio of growth opportunities (country entry/ exiting positions). Delivered support on early phases of mergers and acquisitions (M&A).
• Unlocked first-of-a-kind complex opportunities by proactively working with disciplines to identify, understand, build and shape the value chains. I assessed trends and investment frameworks; drafted business and stakeholder strategies; evaluated, engaged and nurtured relationships with partners, counterparties and authorities; led cross functional teams; negotiated contracts; and analyzed and influenced tender guidelines and bids submittal.
• Spearheaded teamwork approach, built collaborative networks and conceptualized a commercial solution to overcome challenges of a ca. ~US$17Bls major integrated project that gained Board’s approval.
• Led a regional multidisciplinary team for a commercial due diligence of a US$300MM acquisition that, despite data and time constraints, uncovered material findings impacting investment decision.

International Commercial Negotiator 2005
Focus on identify, screen, evaluate and secure business opportunities (origination). Assessed and evaluate deals into portfolio, attended data rooms, performed due diligences, scouted opportunities and players, submitted investment proposals (ca. US$23MM), developed business relationships and negotiated contractual terms and conditions.
• Developed and gained support for innovative solutions linked to capital investments and grant of related rights.
• Commercial oversight over brown-field portfolio of assets located in Colombia and engagement with agencies.

International Negotiator 2004-2005
Member of the business development team that was responsible for intl. portfolio management and opportunity funnel.
• Delivered proposals, coordinated bidding procedures and reviewed contractual terms in negotiation processes.
• Provided commercial advice on joint ventures and other collaborative agreements, multiparty and corporate acquisitions and access to natural resources licenses and permits, among others.

Awards and Certifications

Fulbright Scholar
University of Michigan Scholarship
University of Lima Distinction Award (equivalent to Dean's List)


 Opportunity Identification
 Business Development
 Deal Structuring and Delivery
 Stakeholder relationships
 Negotiation of Contracts
 Portfolio & Commercial Mgmt
 Strategic Solutions
 Multidisciplinary Teams Leader
 Joint Ventures and alliances


Post Graduate Diploma in Renewable Energies (DIER) Universidad Austral, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2020.
Master of Business Administration (MBA) Rice University, Houston TX, US. Concentration: Strategy and Finance.
Master in Comparative Law (MCL) University of Michigan, Ann Arbor MI, US. Scholarships: Fulbright Commission and UofM.
Attorney -at- Law (JD) Universidad de Lima, Lima, PE.