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Forward-thinking Senior Reservoir Engineer offering 28 years’ experience evaluating assets across North America in the Eagle Ford, Haynesville, Barnett, Marcellus, Fayetteville, and Bossier shales for major Oil & Gas industry leaders. Expertise in Reservoir Engineering and Operations working within salt domes, fractured chalk reservoirs, and bypassed pay prospects. Advanced understanding of data analysis, field development, budget and finance, client-facing project management, project risk assessment, project cost analysis, well performance evaluation, upstream/downstream simulation, and prospect development. Collaborates with upper management and third-party auditors on annual reserves, budget-to-actuals, and long-term plan strategizing.


Frisco, TX


Reservoir Engineer V – Business Development / East Texas Asset Engineer
2/2014 to 3/2020
EXCO Resources, Inc., Dallas, TX

Led Development and Reservoir Engineering divisions for EXCO’s East Texas Haynesville/Bossier program, which involved identifying acquisitions and divestiture candidates for the company.

Accomplishments & Highlights:
• Directed portfolio optimization, corporate and technical surveillance, data analytics using Spotfire, competitor completion analysis and enhancement, and technical coordination with JV/Non-OP partners.
• Mentored and trained junior engineers and technicians in all aspects of Reservoir Engineering.
• Facilitated EXCO’s successful restructuring by generating technical evaluations for East and South Texas.
• Prepared technical analyses on EXCO’s successful acquisition of Encana’s ETX Brent Miller Field, which was estimated at $14M.
• Evaluated prospective unconventional acquisitions ranging from $50M to $1.5B for an MLP formed between EXCO Resources, Inc. and Harbinger Group, Inc. in the Permian, South Texas, North Louisiana, Rockies, Arkoma Basin, and Appalachian Basin.
• Assessed viable contracts for conventional assets in eastern Oklahoma, Gulf Coast, South Louisiana, Rockies, Four Corners Area, and Appalachian Basin.

Reservoir Engineer 7/2006 to 1/2014
Encana Oil & Gas USA, Dallas/Plano, TX
Directed multiple Development Engineering groups for the extended length lateral program across Texas and Louisiana by overseeing technical teams, preparing capital budgets and reserves, leading RPH interference studies, developing type curves, and supporting prospective LNG JV with southeast Asia-based firms.

Accomplishments & Highlights:
• Developed Encana’s 7,000’+ long lateral program in NLA by coordinating construction, drilling, completions, facilities, and midstream efforts for 50+ long lateral locations.
• Joined multiple fracture interference and drainage study groups to determine effective stimulation methods in areas previously impacted by hydraulic fracturing.
• Championed an innovative evaluation tool called the Value Assessment and Mapping Process (VAMP) that streamlined lease acquisitions and economic sensitivities.
• Implemented VAMP widely both internally and across business units across the company under the direction of C-suite level management.
• Enhanced VAMP programming to include parameters for portfolio management .
• Partnered with the Shale Technology Exchange Partnership (STEP) group as a key member and presenter for upper-level management meetings and companywide technical conferences.
• Designed and implemented the Bonds Ranch Pressure Monitoring Project, which monitored vertical pressure depletion for six permanent pressure gauges installed behind casing in the Barnett Shale.
• Launched and led the Mercer Ranch Downspacing Development Study comprised of ten horizontal wells drilled from two pad locations that were completed sequentially.
• Completed microseismic testing for seven wells, chemically traced four wells, two pressure transient tests, radioactive tracing, and production logging.
• Managed a reservoir stimulation study for Bonds Ranch while creating useable reservoir simulation models for the Barnett Shale.
• Mentored and trained seven newly-hired engineers and two summer interns in technical best practices.
Texana Development (New Areas) Group – 2008 to 2010:
• Managed development for the Haynesville Shale/Cotton Valley non-operated joint venture partnership with Nabors-First Reserve (NFR) in East Texas.
• Supervised Development Engineering efforts in EnCana-operated acreage located in Shreveport and Caddo Parrish, Louisiana.
New Texas Growth Group – 2008:
• Evaluated potential acquisition and divesture activities for the North Texas Team while managing and analyzing scientific studies and increasing well density evaluations.
North Texas Development Group – 2006 to 2007:
• Monitored engineering efforts for the Northern Area or “Oil Window” of the Barnett Shale in North Texas while generating lease purchase and divestiture evaluations, PAR/AFEs, development drilling scenarios, and workover economic evaluations.

Senior Reservoir Engineer 11/2005 to 6/2006
Southwestern Energy Company, Houston, TX
Led the West DeSoto Fayetteville Reservoir Engineering teams covering over one million acres in Western Arkansas, which included proposing drilling locations, completing reserves, forecasting production, generating and tracking AFEs, and implementing testing, analyses, and modeling for reservoirs.

Accomplishments & Highlights:
• Resolved liquid loading issues for 20+ restimulation candidates by establishing linear flow transient models that evaluated stimulation effectiveness and constructed a field personnel system that optimized production.
• Generated budget estimates in excess of $1B per year while constructing a regional stimulation plan, testing multiple stimulation technologies, and providing recommendations to senior-level management.

Senior Reservoir Engineer 5/1996 to 11/2005
Swift Energy Company, Houston, TX
Led Reservoir Engineering teams and produced property evaluations for both acquisitions and divestitures for Lake Washington Field in Louisiana and A.W.P. Field in Texas.

Accomplishments & Highlights:
• Drilled 500+ locations in AWP field, achieving a 30% time reduction in overall well lifecycle and created tight gas and reservoir models that enhanced reserves and production for A.W.P. Field.


Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access)
SEC Reserves Reporting
Asset Evaluation
LEAN Procedures
Oil & Gas Marketing
Land Contracts
Financing & Debt Agreements
Project Management
Well Optimization
Safety & HSE
Critical Thinking
Problem Solving
Presentations & Reports
Team Leader
Banking Relationships
Market Condition Appraisal
Financial & Company Modeling
Operations Logistics & Budget
Cost Analysis


Texas A&M University
B.S. Petroleum Engineering 1992