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  • Dayanara Betancourt Rodriguez
    (832) 359-6238


Accomplished Senior Reservoir Engineer with a solid analytics career in the oil and gas industry. Proven track record of successful Oil and Gas projects, providing advice to major organizations to achieve operational excellence and performance optimization.

  • Skilled Petroleum Specialist, Project Manager, and Data Scientist with global experience in oil and gas petroleum engineering project. Experienced in reservoir engineering, reservoir simulation, production optimization, conventional and unconventional assets, economic evaluation, and project leadership.
  • Orchestrate research and analytics that delivers quality insights for key decision-making on conventional and unconventional assets viability. Strong team leader and influencer focused on performance, business strategy, and industry sustainability. Clear/concise fluent bilingual English/Spanish communication skills.




Houston, TX


RESERVOIR SIMULATION ADVISOR | Halliburton Energy Services (Contractor), Houston, TX | 2021 - Present
Brought back to provide reservoir engineering and simulation optimization advice for field development planning by optimizing field development strategies using numerical reservoir models and uncertainty analysis.
 Leverage strong industry knowledge and data science methods to determine diminishing returns in productivity by reviewing all subsurface production, completion costs, economics, and other data sets to determine viability.

SENIOR RESERVOIR ENGINEER | Halliburton Energy Services, Houston, TX | 2013 – 2019
Acknowledged as the business development and reservoir engineering subject matter expert (SME) in Consulting and Project Management team. Delivered several project proposals as a qualified reservoir consultant. Provided the client with project details including execution timelines, all project methodologies, planning, and resources, as well as project pricing for an accurate and detailed bid—served as project manager for winning bids.
 Delivered field development planning for conventional and unconventional assets, developed plan optimization and uncertainty analysis, reservoir engineering evaluation/characterization, economic, and acquisition evaluation.
 Generated winning business proposals for oil and gas subsurface projects for ADOC-JAPAN, Kuwait Oil Company and Coastal Energy—projects involved up to 6 members of a multidisciplinary team and multiple phases valued at $100,000+ US.
 Served as Project Manager from definition to execution, providing strategic direction that added business value, and ensured quality delivery and results on time and on budget— excellent client feedback for Kuwait Oil Company, ADOC-JAPAN, PAM, and Coastal Energy.
 Key advisor on asset acquisition and field potential for several clients through development of production forecasting and economic evaluation for Fieldwood Energy and Gazprom.
 Evaluated EOR techniques applicable to each reservoir as part of the field development plan approach, simulated best practices, ranked and delivered to clients as part of the entire portfolio analysis.

TECHNICAL SALES SUPPORT / SENIOR RESERVOIR ENGINEER | Halliburton Energy Services, Ahmadi, Kuwait| 2009 – 2013
Served as a trusted technical support advisor for oil and gas upstream projects focused on technical sales. Supported reservoir engineer evaluations for Kuwait Oil Company in several key projects and reservoirs. Engaged and trained clients that boosted business opportunities by identifying capabilities for optimization of in-field development plans.
 Assisted in managing, developing, and implementing a Digital Oil Field project that reduced data processing time and identified streamlined opportunities for oil production and operational improvement. Participated in change management program designed —received excellent client feedback.
 Devised/delivered technical workshops that shared new technology with clients and resulted in additional project opportunities for Halliburton—valued at $300,000+ in additional revenue.
 Successful in maximizing recovery, minimizing costs by generating optimum field development plans for sandstones and carbonate reservoirs; utilized conventional reservoir engineer techniques and reservoir simulation models.

SENIOR RESERVOIR ENGINEER | Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina | 2007 – 2009
Supported reservoir engineering projects for a local client that included reservoir simulation modelling in Nexus and VIP.
 Prepared field-development plan for Myburg East Heavy Oil field using reservoir simulation, optimization of operation and production parameters for YPE client.
 Achieved incremental oil recovery around 2% to 3% from base case in Alba Valle Field by using reservoir simulation models and identifying optimum infill drilling scenarios.

RESERVOIR ENGINEER | Petropiar (formerly Petrolera Ameriven), Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela | 2000 – 2007
Planned and designed 53 horizontal wells for development of Hamaca heavy oil field, achieved 82% pay rate contact, supported data acquisition efforts and operational improvement as a key team member dedicated to Hamaca Field development located in Orinoco Heavy Oil Belt.
 Key contributor in development of 3 generations of dynamic reservoir models, predicting production performance for project life and determining optimum field development plan.
 Delivered accurate reserves reporting for Hamaca Field using reservoir simulation and probabilistic approach.

Awards and Certifications

 Awarded as 3rd honoree Landmark Services Employee of the Year 2009.
 Awarded Maximized Value-Added Performance (MVP) for outstanding project contributions, 2011.
 Data Science Program Certification – Thinkful, Houston, TX USA, 2021
 Graduated CumLaude


 Effective Project Leadership
 Economic Evaluation
 Global Reservoir Engineer
 Field Development Planning
 Production Forecasting
 Reservoir Simulation & Management
 Industry Business Development
 Accurate Data Analysis
 Operational Improvement
 Conventional/Unconventional Assets
 Standardize Workflows
 Advanced Analytics Workflow
 Change Management
 Predictive Modeling
 Data Science and Machine Learning
 Python/SQL


Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Universidad de Oriente Graduated: 2005

Bachelor of Science (BS), Petroleum Engineering
Universidad de Oriente Graduated: 1999