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  • Sean Cook


I have 15 years in the oil and gas industry as a reservoir engineer with the DeGolyer & MacNaughton consulting firm. I have travelled the globe leading asset evaluation teams and interfaced with clients from all walks of life. I am passionate about spearheading the effort to bring the digital transformation to the oilfield.


Dallas, TX


DeGolyer and MacNaughton 2005 to 2020
Reservoir Engineer/Project Coordinator (2012 to 2020)

Gained 15 years of progressive experience leading cross-functional teams, spearheading reservoir studies and reserves evaluations, and conducting financial and economic analysis using the latest technology, best practices, and industry standards. Worked throughout the world, including both conventional and unconventional resource experience across the Permian Basin, West Texas, Bakken formation, Rocky Mountain region, and coalbed methane in China.
Select Highlights:
- Spearheaded redesign of project process involving 400+ oil and gas fields with mandate to improve efficiency by 30% and produce deliverables 2 months ahead of previous years.
- Ported Excel-based economic models into PHDWin and utilized data management software to automate hundreds of spreadsheets previously reviewed by hand.
- Implemented field development software to quickly forecast and schedule thousands of well locations.
- Increased client’s future net revenues by 95% after delivering gas reservoir characterization study by enabling client to claim asset as ‘tight gas’, and thus significantly raising their commodity pricing.
- Delivered 50M barrel 2C resource addition through waterflood and development optimization across 2 fields for major international oil and gas client.
- Led annual reserves and valuation studies for $12B offshore project involving 9 of the world’s 10 longest extended reach wells, (longest extending 49K+ feet); estimated recoverable volumes of 2.5B barrels of oil and 17T cubic feet of gas.
- Navigated Saudi Aramco to $2T IPO valuation through material balance in Mbal and performance and economics analysis in proprietary Excel models for multiple major assets.
- Built database of 2K well locations in the Permian Basin; analyzed fracture results and offset production to incorporate well performance into reserves and economic analysis utilizing subject matter expertise (SME) in PhdWIN.
- Delivered reserves study of over 300 Bakken wells spanning the Bakken/Middle Bakken and Three Forks reservoirs.
- Analyzed effects of lateral length, well positioning, and offset well performance in PhdWIN.
- Achieved SEC compliance for key client’s Aries database of 900 low-permeability wells in the Piceance and Uinta Basins.
- Conducted decline curve and economic analysis to deliver full reserves report.
- Expanded client’s reserve base by 10M BOE after assessing 1K vintage wells for recompletion recommendation and adding 79 undeveloped well locations in the Texas panhandle.

Additional DeGolyer and MacNaughton Roles:
Petroleum Engineer (2007 to 2012) | Associate Petroleum Engineer (2005 to 2007)

Awards and Certifications

Business Foundations Certification, The University of Texas at Austin
Python, Fundamentals and Intermediate,


Log analysis | Volumetrics | Mass Balance | Well & Reservoir Performance Analysis | Decline Curve & Type Curve Analysis | SEC & PRMS Reporting | Economic Evaluation | Project Management | | Field Development | Simulation | | Procedures & Technologies | Valuation Studies | Data & Analytics | Python | Presentations & Communication


Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin

Data Scientist in Python,, Sep 2020 – Jan 2021