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Range of reservoir engineering experience includes acquisition evaluations, divesture package preparation, exploration evaluation, established fields and growth areas, conventional and unconventional operations, including tight gas and shale exploration and development. Experienced in many areas of drilling (both operations and design): extended reach, horizontal, land, limited space / equipment platforms, and floating. A well-rounded petroleum engineer with reservoir, production operations, and drilling experience.






Contango Oil & Gas Company May 2017 – March 2021
Director, Reservoir Engineering & Marketing
• Evaluate and recommend acquisitions to double the company size multiple times. Perform technical evaluation of production and development opportunities. Identify potential funding sources for the acquisition and the development capital.
• Execute $140MM of transactions while refinancing primary term loan in fall of 2019. Execute both a merger and asset transaction in 4Q20-1Q21 totaling approximately $175MM in transaction value.
• Execute private placement of 19,000,000 shares with T. Rowe Price Associates in December 2019 and provide the technical content for multiple other equity raises.
• Negotiate and approve all marketing agreements. In 2020, leveraged access to dedicated storage at Cushing for a financial gain of $1.5MM. Utilized production knowledge to improve crude contracts.
• Manage reserve reporting for financials. Coordinate data flow and results of reserve evaluations prepared by multiple third-party evaluators. Lead communication with lender’s engineers.
• Surveil reservoir performance along with production operations to improve performance and operating costs through artificial lift optimization, well work, and chemical program revisions.
• Perform reservoir performance analysis including, but not limited to pressure transient analysis, nodal analysis, material balance, volumetric assessment, diagnostic evaluations, and decline curve analysis on conventional and unconventional assets.
• Establish development planning process and communication channels for Southern Delaware Basin during development phase and secure acreage for two joint venture acreage areas.
• Recommend strategy to re-focus the portfolio to improve the company balance sheet and prioritize resource allocation. Procure bids to divest non-core assets (~10% of company PDP value) that would raise almost 1 year of cash flow and reduce well count by ~80%.
• Lead groups of engineers and professionals, in house and consultants, varying in size to achieve accomplishments toward cost savings, production enhancement, improved contract terms, and reservoir models to support proved reserves.
Oasis Petroleum September 2015 – April 2017
Engineering Advisor, Business Development
• Evaluate acquisition opportunities to diversify and expand asset portfolio. Evaluated assets range in scale from $2B - $25MM. Perform technical and economic evaluation of various basins in onshore US. Basins include Williston, D-J, Powder River, Appalachia, and Permian.
• Developed and executed business development evaluation process. Mentor operations and reservoir engineers. Executed transaction that increased production by 25% and stock price by 50%.
Alta Mesa Holdings, LP August 2013 – August 2015
Senior Reservoir Engineer, Strategic Planning and Reserves
• Evaluate reserves company-wide and prepare quarterly reporting.
• Evaluate budget allocation from portfolio of existing fields and exploration opportunities.
• Evaluate fields for divestiture and make recommendations. Prepare sales packages and provide engineering support to the divestiture process. Received favorable bids totaling $264MM on transactions in which led technical effort.
• Evaluate acquisition and exploration opportunities. Grow core Oklahoma unconventional STACK position by 1.7x through acreage acquisitions.
• Provide field development planning support to maximize value and resource management in unconventional STACK, Eagle Ford, conventional Gulf Coast, and salt domes. Lead field reviews to highlight current value and opportunities within a field. Evaluate historic performance, future opportunities, and identify key value drivers. Evaluate reserves utilizing decline curve analysis, volumetric analysis, material balance, and rate transient analysis.
• Support corporate effort to streamline business process for transparency and efficiency. Manage a consulting team for database integration, data analysis, and interface development.
3Legs Resources May 2012 – December 2014
Engineering Manager, Baltic Basin (Poland) operations & New Ventures
• Build technical relationship with operator and influence technical decisions and design of operations.
• Communicate technical decisions and rational to executive team and board. Support drafting of press releases as needed.
• Analyze well data and results, including pressure transient analysis. Sponsor data organization and management. Coordinate communication with operator.
• Evaluate and recommend new ventures with assessment of potential economic value and possible productivity concluded from the available data.
Anadarko Petroleum / Kerr McGee Oil & Gas March 2005 – May 2012
Exploration Engineer, North America Evaluation
• Evaluate risk and economics of prospects using probabilistic methods.
• Study and analyze analog fields, usually with only publicly available data.
• Engineering evaluations of exploration wells and tested prospects.
• Recommend leasing and testing exploration prospects.
Reservoir Engineer, Appalachian Basin – Marcellus Shale:
• Recommend and execute budget of capital, production, and reserves.
• Develop standards and lead engineering staff in evaluation of AFE, economic, and production performance of Marcellus wells – operated, non-operated, and competitor activity.
• Evaluate acquisition acreage in relationship to existing development program.
• Evaluate Marcellus shale performance through decline curve analysis, pressure transient analysis, analytical modeling, and geologic performance correlation.
Engineering Manager , Carthage / North Louisiana – Petit, Travis Peak, Cotton Valley, and Haynesville Shale:
• Approve reserves for area. Recommend and execute budget of capital, production, and reserves.
• Coach development of reporting engineers and technical analysts.
• Evaluate and recommend growth opportunities for the region by implementing efficiencies developing current assets and acquisitions of assets.
Production Engineer, South Texas:
• Design completion operations including hydraulic fracture stimulation.
• Design re-completion operations with economic justification.
• Track results of completion and re-completion efforts and adjust booked reserves accordingly.
• Recommend production optimization operations: plungers, velocity strings, soap/foam programs, sand and scale clean-outs.
Reservoir Engineer, Gulf of Mexico Shelf Divestiture Project:
• Economic evaluation and reserve assessment of Northwest shelf properties (one-third of total) for divestiture in ten weeks. Decline curves, P/Z analysis, and volumetric calculation methods applied.
• Organize production data, historical and forecast, for data room presentation.
• Present field information to financial analysts and prospective buyers for six months.
Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Exploration:
• Compare and rank exploration prospects based on risked economics and probabilistic reserves.
• Lead pressure and sample collection (RCI/MDT) operations for exploration wells, evaluate results, and make appropriate recommendations.
• Recommend appropriate rig schedule based on drilling, development, and explorations needs and within the constraints of the rig capabilities and MMS guidelines and requirements. Review mooring risk assessments for future locations, both general and site-specific.
K&M Technology Group June 2003 – March 2005
Drilling Engineer / Field Advisor
Design extended reach wells and find solutions to the challenges associated with extended reach and horizontal wells. Some challenges include over coming negative weight casing runs, hole cleaning, and buckling. Advise operations while on location by monitoring the hole condition, teaching hole cleaning practices, and recommending adjustments to more efficiently achieve targets. Teach hole condition monitoring classes.
• Design and implement the longest 9 ⅝” ERD casing run (at the time) from an offshore installation successfully.
• Design and advise record ERD wells in the Gulf of Mexico that exceed five miles in length and four miles in horizontal departure.
• Design challenging work-overs on shallow ERD wells in Venezuela.
• Design challenging sub-sea re-completions in Bass Strait, Australia.
• Advise operations for Barnett Shale horizontals. Prepare teaching examples of success and failure drilling Barnett Shale horizontals, primarily hole cleaning and casing running operations.
ExxonMobil December 1999 – June 2003
Drilling Engineer/Drilling Supervisor
Plan and design wells then provide engineering support to operations in the Permian Basin, especially Devonian horizontals.
• Implement BHA designs and well paths to reduce vibrations and prolong pulsar life based on real vibration measurements.
• Establish use of cost effective / fit-for-purpose liner hanger systems.
Design and provide engineering support to drilling and testing operations to deepwater exploration wells in Angola. Notable examples:
• First successful liner in Angola by Exxonmobil.
• 35,000 BPD well test.
Responsible for daily operations, preparations of work plans, and contracting in planning phases on floating explorations wells in deepwater Angola, Nigeria, Australia, and other areas.
Milmac Operating September – December 1999
Engineer Lubbock, Texas
Design under-balanced horizontal well in the Austin Chalk: including casing design, rig selection, under-balanced equipment selection, well path design, fluids design, and bit selection.
Evaluate properties in Texas, properties held and properties for possible purchase. Search for growth opportunities associated with these properties by reservoir or economic means, i.e. gas plant partnership.
Chevron USA 1998 – 1999
Completion Engineer New Orleans, Louisiana Summers
Evaluate a representative group of sand control (frac-pack and high-rate water pack) completed wells through pressure transient and Nodal analysis and comparing cost and time of operations in order to recommend the best completion in the area. Presented results:
• Frac-packs packs paid out in less time than high-rate water packs 85% of the time.
• Under-balanced perforating also significantly impacted the initial productivity.
Collect and analyze test data, flowing and build-up, on new and existing gas wells. Evaluate stripper gas reserves for stimulation opportunities to accelerate reserve depletion.
Texaco Summer 1997
Production Engineer / Work over Supervisor Bakersfield, California
Responsible for well work as part of the production team in the Kern River Steam Flood.
• Design and supervise operations to install production liners in wells with parted casing.
• Initiate use of bypass tools to reduce non productive time in drill-in liners.
• Design and supervise 1997 abandonment program.
Petroplex Pipe and Contractors Part-Time during university
Relief Operator and Work-over Supervisor West Texas
Supervise surface and down hole work, pump jack belt replacements, and down hole pump replacements. Responsible for wellbore integrity testing of static wells.
Burlington Resources Summer 1996
Lease Operator Andrews, Texas
Responsible for maintenance and surveillance of producing wells. Analyzed dynometer cards and make adjustments to pump-off controllers.

Awards and Certifications

Texas Professional Engineer, 125386


Software Proficiency: Aries, PHDWin, PEEP, Enersight, SQL, MS Office, Spotfire, Tableau, Power BI

Ability to support workflows independently and also lead a team.

Presentations on recent reservoir modeling:


B.S., 1999 in Petroleum Engineering at Texas Tech University
Magna Cum Laude