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Highly adaptable, detailed-oriented and goal-driven Senior/Lead Drilling Engineer / Project Manager with over 21 years of comprehensive international experience working for major Oil & Gas companies (i.e. Fortune 500) and recognized joint ventures. Focused on value creation, continuous improvement and best practices, design integrity, process and cost optimization, technology integration and safety for high profile wells and major drilling campaigns.

Proven record and peer recognition for delivering complete projects safely and in timely manner. Strong technical, operational, process optimization/improvement  background have assisted in accomplishing significant cost savings on technically challenging and high profile operated and non-operated multi-well drilling campaigns

Targetted job positions

Sr. / Lead Drilling Engineer

Drilling Consultant

Application Engineer

Project Manager

Business Development / Account Management 

Well Design Engineer

Cementing Engineer

Technical Sales 

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Houston, Texas


VAPOR POINT 2017 - 03/26/2020

Technical Project Manager–Fuel Treatment Lead (Downstream), Houston, Texas, USA.

• Complete the technical planning and field execution of at least four (04) pilot tests at US refineries using a recently designed system providing testing capabilities for a multi-stage sulfur removal treatment. This resulted in customers successfully meeting the newer and more stringent EPA standards for Tier III. In other field cases, high concentrations of sulfur contaminants were effectively reduced to permissible levels resulting in cooper corrosion strip testing acceptance and allowing the operator to capitalize economic incentives from gas sales to > $ 30MM annually.
• Successful implementation of liquid to liquid scrubbing technologies also led to the design and installation of a permanent full-scale system to fully treat the entire off-spec fuel stream production (propane) from one operator resulting in additional revenue for the Company (> $250K).
• Supported at least ten (10) maintenance operations (Turnarounds) at US refineries nationwide. The successful implementation of custom-engineered technologies for high efficiency liquid scrubbing systems reduced toxic H2S, SO2, Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) and Volatile Organic Components (VOCs such as Benzene) effectively and to permissible levels. Achieved operational success and helped US refineries to maximize process safety, minimize financial impacts and to comply with increasingly stringent environmental regulatory standards on emissions control for clean air. A significant contribution and major achievement towards compliance with EPA’s national ambient air quality standards by minimizing people’s exposure to toxic and harmful gases (emissions).


Senior Drilling Engineer (Deepwater – Partner Operated) – Houston, USA. Nov 2014 – Oct 2016

• Influenced partners during both the planning and execution phases by sharing and implementing best practices and new technologies that resulted in at least $30MM (gross) in savings for the Partnership. Likewise, captured and transferred at least 25 lessons learned with direct application to ConocoPhillips operated wells were increased performance was also capitalized.
• Monitored and supported 08 high profile and complex partner operated Deepwater wells in Gulf of Mexico (GOM). Achieved 75% success rate after wells were drilled safely and within the approved budget allowances. One appraisal well exceeded historical P10 probabilistic drilling performance. Almost establishing a new record in the field (i.e. 2nd Best Performer) for Sub-Salt, Paleogene Exploration Wells in the field.
• Advanced a complex casing design optimization study that when coupled with a recent successful implementation of weight reduction techniques (i.e. buoyed landing strings) and tubular expandable technologies will result in a significant step change in future designs for development wells (forecasted savings: +/- $ 25MM per well).
• Implemented the 1st application for wellbore strengthening methodologies as proven and effective technical solution which minimized historical massive fluid losses and allowed the operator to drill the last prolific interval of the well safely and efficiently. Critical geological and reservoir data was acquired. Capitalized > $4.5MM in savings for the partnership.
• Ensured partner operated and technically complex wells were designed to meet corporate standards and delivered safely within approved budget. Water depths ranging between 3,500’ and 6,000’. Total depths up to 33,500’ MD, including compliance with regulatory requirements (I.e. Well Containment Screening Tool, a mandatory process established by BSEE).

Lead Drilling Engineer – Stavanger, Norway (North Sea) 2012 - 2014

• Lead role in pioneering efforts for the 1st installation of slimmer expandable liner hangers (savings > $ 2.0MM), 1st use of GWD70, Gyro While Drilling tool (Savings > $1.0 MM), 1st qualification of cutting-edge P&A Hydra-wash technologies (attained significant reduction of well time by at least 10 days and $ 5.3 MM per cement barrier), Casing Drilling. Design and implementation of foam cement jobs for long production casing strings and liners maximized operational safety and enhanced long term well integrity (at least savings > $ 3.0MM in remedial cost)
• Managed a major technical service contract (cement and pumping services) for the entire Norwegian Business Unit (> $ 100 MM contract value). Improved tracking performance to 100% by strengthening service quality, developing and fully implementing new score cards for cementing jobs. Made contributions to progress on the development, lab testing and qualification of an innovative settable cement spacer (direct impact on meeting regulatory requirements and achieving an effective zonal isolation), later and widely used by other operators in the North Sea and the US. Enhanced slurry design for heavy conductors and reservoir P&A cement barrier plugs).
• Designed and implemented a system approach that resulted in the successful installation of one of the longest 7-3/4” production liners (> 10,000 ft) at the Kilo Platform (TD at 15,500’ MD). Advanced simulations and real time modeling resulted in saving at least 40 hrs. of rig time and > $1.0MM.
• Promoted cost reduction initiatives, led and completed all technical well planning activities, daily operational monitoring, safety risk assessments, and contingency planning for at least five (5) new complete and complex workover, P&A-slot recovery, drilling and completion wells. Delivered seawater injection wells in safe manner and within approved time and budget allowances. Critical for pressure support and to maintain field production.

Senior Drilling Engineer - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 2010-2012

• Developed and completed all critical deliverables to successfully advance the well design and technical/financial planning from “basic” to full “detailed” engineering in compliance with company’s stage-gate process (FEL) for management of “High Profile” and “Major” projects. Four (4), HPHT gas condensate wells (Su Tu Trang Long Term Production Test Facility – Offshore Vietnam).
• Performed advanced and extensive modeling and simulations to fully define the “Best Technical Case” Well design scenarios. As an example, a casing design optimization study resulted > $ 1.5 MM in savings from a $ 10 MM estimated cost for tubulars.
• Developed project technical requirements and detailed specifications for materials, equipment and services. Made significant contributions to formulate, evaluate and award outstanding contracts for major and specialized technical services.
• Proposed and implemented several “value” creation opportunities and performance improvement initiatives. As an example, completed the evaluation and technical qualification of MPD methodologies and techniques. Secure pertinent approvals from the partnership and advanced/secure a recommendation for contract award.
• Secured critical long lead items and detailed operational drilling procedures for the drilling campaign. Critical items were manufactured and delivered prior to project spud date. A major achievement and key milestone within the approved project timeline and scope of work.
• Proved ability to overcome the set challenges of planning a major project by having all project milestones achieved, products and deliverables met by the end of the assignment and before project spud date.

Lead Drilling Engineer - Abu Dhabi, United Arabic Emirates 2009-2010

• Developed the 1st complete and suitable directional model for six (6) well trajectories leading to a detailed casing design optimization study, definition of technical specifications and quantities for critical and very costly exotic materials resulting in reducing the cost for tangibles by 20% or > $ 12MM within a 20 wells drilling campaign (Phase I)
• Developed and completed major technical and critical components, multiple project schedules and detailed cost breakdown models resulting in meeting relevant project milestones and successfully advancing the technical, financial, environmental planning and final well design concepts from FEL-2 (Basic) to FEL-3 (Detail) engineering/AFE gates. Secured relevant approvals from the Corporate office in Houston to pursue the execution of a > $ 550 MM “major” drilling campaign (Phase I, 20 wells / 8 Drilling pads).
• Advanced simulations and modeling resulted in a robust design for production casing, liners and tubing. Detailed evaluation of damaging effects and mechanical tubular failures from complex thermal loading ensured design integrity, maximized safety and minimize the risk for lack of containment and release of extremely high concentrations of H2S gas (lethal to humans).
• Made significant contributions in the development of the Health, Safety and Environmental Assessment (HSEIA) study for an extremely sour (23% H2S) gas field, resulting in obtaining the necessary approvals from the UAE Petroleum Council to execute the project.

Senior Drilling Engineer – Midland, USA (Unconventional resource play) 2007 - 2009

• Completed all deliverables and met key well design and planning objectives to support the well construction of 25 HPHT new wells in the Granite Wash-Unconventional play (tight sand gas formations). Implemented a drilling optimization, continuous improvement and performance enhancement system approach that established a new standard to drill through the most complex and hardest rock formations in the field. Achieved +/- 13% reduction in drilling time and > $ 0.8 to 1.0 MM in savings per well. Implementation of RCD for enhanced well control and improved safety.
• New wells were carefully designed, constructed and delivered in safe manner and within budget allowances while supporting the relevant pioneering efforts to shape the rapid and expanding booming effect of horizontal drilling and multi-stage hydraulic fracturing era in North America.
• Lead role and completed the detailed technical planning resulting in a successful execution of a “high profile” and “technically challenged” HPHT Exploration well (Western Oklahoma). Performed advanced modeling and a detailed casing design optimization study resulting in eliminating three (3) long casing strings and saving +/- $1.5 MM in steel cost.
• Led the successful implementation of customized drilling performance initiatives and an optimization plan that resulted in establishing new records for fast drilling (i.e. 15-45% higher penetration rates) in complex geology and extremely hard/abrasive rock formations. Minimized historical high tool failure rates, reduced the overall drilling time by eight (8) days and the drilling cost by $ 0.8 MM. Formulated, secured and managed a +/- $ 20 MM drilling budget which was not exceeded during project execution.

Lead Drilling Engineer – Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela
2003 - 2007

• Developed and managed strong synergies and technical relationships with cross functional teams, resulting in developing all major critical components for well design, meeting key deliverables and project milestones during the technical and financial planning phase for the Corocoro Phase 1A development drilling campaign (Major and High-Profile “offshore” project for ConocoPhillips). First 14 Horizontal wells, 4,000’ lateral length (Average) and close to 2:1 ratio for ERD classification (Drilling, Completion, DST Evaluation).
• Proposed and implemented performance improvement and cost reduction initiatives to help achieve 70% execution and outstanding operational performance (Drilling Phase) by finishing 22 days ahead of the approved project time and $ 22 MM under budget before Company’s decision to exit the project.
• Advanced and completed technical and financial planning to detailed engineering level (FEL 3). Completed relevant D&C schedules and probabilistic project time and cost estimates for batch setting 24 new wells resulting in securing corporate approvals for a $ 180 MM D&C budget and to move the project forward. A major achievement.
• Played a key role and made significant contributions through the evaluation of bid tender packages resulting in securing relevant contracts for major and specialized technical services. All contracts awarded and in place prior to project execution. Achieved a relevant project key milestone to meet the target 1st Oil without delays.

Network of Excellence Leader (Cementing) – Petroleos of Venezuela (PDVSA) , Barinas, Venezuela 1999 - 2000

Staff Drilling Engineer – Petroleos of Venezuela (PDVSA), Barinas, Venezuela 1995 - 1999

Awards and Certifications

IADC Well Control Certification. Subsea, Drilling, Completion and Workover.

Awarded a fully funded scholarship from Petroleos of Venezuela (PDVSA) to pursue a Master of Science Degree in Petroleum Engineering. Texas A&M University, College Station, TX. 2000-2002


Core strengths include technical and financial well planning, well design, drilling optimization, budgeting and forecasting, procurement, logistics, and contract management.

Liaise effectively with cross-functional, highly technical and multi-cultural teams. Excellent Inter-personal, management and leadership skills.Fluent in English and Spanish languages. Authorized to legally work in North America without sponsor.

• Project Management. High Profile/multi-million
dollar drilling campaigns (major projects)
• Well design and strategic planning. Major Projects
• Risk Assessments and mitigation measures
• Well Integrity, Horizontal drilling and unconventional
resource plays
• Plug & Abandonment. Slot recovery
• New technologies evaluation and Integration

Computer software skillset (snapshot): Landmark suite of specialized engineering tools: StressCheckTM, Casing SeatTM, Wellplan®, CompassTM, WellcatTM (Thermal), for: casing design, directional planning, Bit Hydraulics, BHA design, Torque & Drag, Swab & Surge, casing & tubing thermal design. Wellview, Microsoft Office, AutoCAD® (P&ID)


• Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering, Texas A&M University, USA (GPA: 3.7). 2002
• Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Universidad de los Andes, Venezuela. 1994