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Improved Performance Through Effective Data Analysis

Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Drilling Dynamics & Drilling Optimization with experience in finite element analysis, hydraulics, torque & drag, drilling assembly design, hole cleaning, and wellbore stability. Expert in all stages of the drilling optimization process: Design, Planning, Execution, and Post-Job Analyses. Comprehensive background in offshore & land-based drilling operations, RSS & conventional, in 26 countries, including remote operations, ERD and deepwater wells.


The Woodlands, TX


Baker Hughes, a GE Company 2017–2020
Customer Applications Engineer (Drilling) – Team Lead, USA 2018 – 2020
• Drilling Dynamics SME for Chevron project to improve drilling performance and prevent bit damage. My analysis proved that connection practices were the significant issue and advised changes to procedures enabled one-run lateral sections.
• Drilling Subject Matter Expert (SME) for Chesapeake Blue Sky optimization project (Eagleford Shale) resulting in significantly lower costs in this price-sensitive market. Worked with a team of SMEs from other disciplines to complete project in a tight time window of four weeks.
• Co-Author of Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) technical paper SPE-201518-MS “Use of Downhole Drilling Dynamics to Understand Drilling Performance Challenges in Unconventional Horizontal Wells: Delaware Basin Wolfcamp Shale Case Study”.
Senior Technical Support Staff Manager (Drilling Optimization), Saudi Arabia 2017 - 2018
• Technical support & real-time optimization services; emphasis on stuck pipe prevention in client’s remote center.
• Additional focus on avoiding vibration damage to drilling assemblies.
• Developed & instituted standardized procedures & reactions to problems downhole.

NES Global Talent 2016–2017
Drilling Optimization Engineer, Saudi Arabia
• Consulted for Baker Hughes Saudi Arabia providing technical support and real-time optimization services.
• Formulated drilling procedures and identified best parameters from surface and downhole data.
• Focus on stuck pipe prevention from client’s remote center.
• Designed training procedures for field directional hands in drilling optimization, hole cleaning, and vibration awareness and mitigation.

BAKER HUGHES 2001–2015
Drilling Optimization Advisor, North America Region 2011–2015
• Promoted a state-of-the-art drilling optimization tool (CoPilot) across North America; conducted drilling optimization studies and risk analyses; presented results to clients, including Conoco-Phillips, BP, Oxy, BHP Billiton, and Venoco.
• Reduced risk and improved drilling performance by maximizing bit life and eliminating bit runs, with section cost reduction of 24% for BHP Billiton. Co-authored relevant SPE paper (reference SPE/IADC-173170-MS).
• Co-authored an additional SPE paper (reference SPE 160121) illustrating the cost and time savings derived from consistent use of Downhole Dynamics tools.
• Focal point for Alaska operations, with emphasis on Rotary Steerable applications for BP Alaska, optimizing use of high build-up rate drilling tools for both curve and lateral sections to reduce section costs while maintaining trajectory and safe operations.
• Through real-time analysis of Downhole Drilling Dynamics data, enabled directional drilling of horizontal sections through heavily fractured formation in off-shore California.
• Served as rig-site Dynamics Advisor for first US deployments of SureTrak steerable drilling liner.
• Designed and implemented new Drilling Optimization training standards and mentored rig-site engineers. Made rig visits to implement procedures, ensure proper operations, and supervise trainees.
• Contributed in the effort to test and troubleshoot the new Baker Hughes “Cadence” operating system to prepare it for release. Provided technical and usage insights.
Applications Engineer, UK, 2004 – 2011
• Provided remotely monitored operations and real-time analyses, primarily via PressTEQ & CoPilot product lines
• PressTEQ involved optimizing ECD, hole stability, and hole cleaning in real time for clients, avoiding wellbore collapse and stuck pipe and allowing safe drilling to intended depth. Major clients included Kerr McGee, Maersk and BP. Typically worked on ERD wells or 45-60deg tangents where hole cleaning was most problematic.
• CoPilot involved real-time Drilling Optimization services using CoPilot tool’s down-hole torque, weight on bit, bending, pressure & vibration data; showing events while drilling allowed fast remedial action.
• Memory data was interpreted after each bit run to further improve procedures & inform design of subsequent wells.
• Responsible for running the first CoPilot deployments on-site offshore Angola for BP; offshore Nova Scotia for ExxonMobil; in Algeria for Repsol YPF; in Brazil for Petrobras; in Libya for Waha Oil Company; and offshore NW Australia for Hess.
• Received numerous Baker Hughes Core Values Awards for work in the field.
Drilling Fluids Engineer, UK, 2001 – 2004
• Supervising drilling fluids usage at rig-site while adhering to strict environmental controls & reporting, in the demanding and environmentally sensitive North Sea market.
• Safe coordination of drilling fluid usage with specific rig operations: cementing, fluid displacements.
• Supervised use of drilling fluid cleaners & centrifuges, and fluid transfers on rig and from boat to rig.
• Conducted analyses of drilling fluid composition to ensure correct properties for the application and make appropriate chemical additions.

Datalog Technology Ltd., UK 1997 – 2001
Pressure Engineer
• Pressure & Data Engineer in charge of a mudlogging unit.
• Supervised work in Africa, South America, Europe and Asia, both on- and offshore.

Geoservices International SA, UK 1995 – 1997
Data Engineer
• Mudlogging Data Engineer working in the UK and Netherlands North Sea.

SPE 160121: “Information from a Downhole Dynamics Tool Provides Real-Time Answers for Optimization While Drilling 10,000ft Laterals in the Middle Bakken Formation of the Williston Basin.”

SPE/IADC-173170-MS: “Expert Real-Time Drilling Performance Prevents Twist-offs and Reduces Bit Damage in the Permian Basin.”

SPE-180287-MS: “Reaming and Drilling Practice Optimization using Modeling and Simulation Techniques.”

SPE-201518-MS: “Use of Downhole Drilling Dynamics to Understand Drilling Performance Challenges in Unconventional Horizontal Wells: Delaware Basin Wolfcamp Shale Case Study”.


Drilling Engineering
Drilling Optimization
Drilling Dynamics
ECD Management
Hole Cleaning
Wellbore Stability
Data Analysis
Remote Center Operation
ERD wells
Offshore drilling
Land-based drilling
Drilling Assembly Design
Torque & Drag
Finite Element Analysis
Drilling Fluids


Bachelor of Science (BSc), Honours: Geology, University of Edinburgh, UK
GPA equivalent 3.0 out of 4.0