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  • Yvette Counts
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I am a senior level geologist with 18 years of combined experience in unconventional and conventional basins along with some geothermal experience. Most recently I was a development geologist spearheading 115,000 acres in the Eagle Ford for EOG Resources. In a single year I generated 40-50% of the division’s development and 25-30% in subsequent years yielding well ROR’s > 60-100%. One of my strong strengths is subsurface mapping which has led to expanding the Austin Chalk subtrend in my area yielding a ROR > 100% and identifying a successful new Lower Eagle Ford target yielding a ROR> 60%.  My mapping efforts have also impacted how to strategize development, understanding how the target intervals change and what drives Eagle Ford production in my project areas.  Another specialty I have is collaborating and working closely with all multi-disciplinary teams especially Engineering. For example, in working with the Reservoir Team I stay involved with the well economics and I am constantly looking for ways to optimize the well plan to achieve the best ROR and providing guidance on the localized geologic features that would impact the production.  With regards to the Completion Team, I work closely with the Completion Engineers on optimizing the frac design for upcoming wells in relation fault crossings, where there are higher strain features and where the well was out of target to mitigate overcapitalization at the stage level.


Prior to my time in the San Antonio Division, I was in the EOG Fort Worth office where I played a pivotal role in expanding the Barnett Oil development program. The former CEO assigned me as the principal geologist for mapping across EOG’s acreage to expand from the NE Muenster Arch carbonate position to EOG’s Central Montague County siliceous development position. With my detailed mapping efforts this uncovered the most prolific region across our acreage generating over 1,000 wells for the company.  After accomplishing that task, I worked in the Barnett Gas window where I was tasked with converting wet karsted areas into drier economic wells and was successful there also. 


Some additional key roles in my career includes being the principal geologist mapping EOG’s new Point Pleasant position in Ohio which led to identifying the key AOI’s, leasing acreage and the drilling of 3 successful wells. Following the Tyler Division merger, executive management assigned me with the important role to take over the Buda development program and evaluate/map the East Texas Acreage position in the Georgetown, Goodland and Glen Rose formations with regards to continued development or to dissolve the acreage. Finally, I have an extensive conventional work history across the Eastern Shelf, Northern Gulf Coast in Louisiana, Appalachian Basin, Uinta Basin, DJ Basin and Black Warrior Basin.




San Antonio,TX


▶︎ 2008 - August 2023 EOG Resources

■ Geological Specialist - Development (07/2020 - 08/2023)
-Eagle Ford Oil: Karnes & Wilson Counties

■ Geological Specialist - Exploration (2017 - 2020)
-Appalachian Basin: Point Pleasant Fm, Burkett Fm & Mahantango
-Eastern Shelf: Pennsylvanian sands
-Northern Gulf Coast- Louisiana: Sligo

■ Senior Geologist - Exploration & Development (2012 - 2017)
-East Texas Basin Exploration & Asset Evaluation: Georgetown,
Goodland & Glenrose Formations

-East Texas Basin Development: Buda Fm

-Fort Worth Basin Development: Barnett Oil

■ Geologist II - Play Expansion & Development (2008 - 2012)
-Fort Worth Basin Oil & Gas Windows

▶︎ 2003 - 2008 Rosewood Resources

■ Development / Exploration Geologist (2006 - 2008)
-Uinta Basin: Wasatch Development
-Mid-Continent: Morrow Sands & Lansing Kansas City Carbonates

■ Operations Geologist (2004 - 2005)
-DJ Basin: Niobrara

■ Geotech (2003 - 2004)

▶︎ 2001 - 2002 TerraCon, Inc
■ Geothermal Geotech (Temporary position) (2001 - 2002)


■ Development & Exploration across 9 diverse Unconventional/
Conventional Basins

■ Innovation - proven play expansion & identifying premium targets

■ Detailed subsurface mapping of rock & reservoir properties

■ Strong initiation in multi-disciplinary team collaboration & mentoring

■ Effective at finding ways to improve well economics

■ Highly proficient in providing geologic guidance for completion design
and how to mitigate overcapitalization

■ Presentations & public speaking

■ Self-starter


2001 - 2003 M.S in Geology, University of Texas at Arlington
Thesis: Geothermal Analysis of Schellbourne, Steptoe
Valley, Nevada

1998 - 2000 B.S. in Geology, University of Texas at Arlington

1996 - 1998 Associate in Arts, Tarrant County Junior College