William Carr Resume

Resume Information


I am a senior graduating in May from Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering. I am seeking a full-time position within the oil and gas industry.

I have experience working in the field as a sub-contractor this past summer through FyreRok Reservoir Consulting, performing flowback processes and water transfer for fracking in West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania, respectively. I have also worked in the road construction industry every summer and winter since 2016. I understand the dedication and hard work required to work and thrive in this industry.
Exceptional communication skills, especially in diverse environments. Team player who works well with others to achieve a common goal. Positive attitude to all aspects for work and schooling. Adaptive to changing environments. Hold high standards for the actions of myself. Very active, always looking to expand my opportunities and learning experiences.
Hatboro-Horsham High School (2012-2016) Pennsylvania State University (2016-2020) B.S.