Narunsky, Morris

Resume Information


Oil States Industries 07/20 to 09/20

Contract Engineer

Designed deepwater NACE compliant diverless pipeline repair clamps for Chevron Anchor project. Clamps are for 18” oil pipeline operating at 4500 psi and for 16” gas pipeline operating at 3705 psi. I created layouts using AutoCAD and fully complied with customer’s Basis of Design.


Subsea Engineering Technologies 08/17 to 12/17 Full Time, 01/18 to 10/18 Part Time

Senior Subsea Engineer

Designed 10" X 8" and 20" subsea PLETs for gas / condensate field. The PLETs contained ROV operable ball valves and horizontal connectors, all rated to 5K working pressure, with hubs for 8" piping to subsea trees and for 20" tie-in to manifold. Flowlines from the PLETs were 10" and 20" respectively. Designed 10" Pig Launcher / Receiver for the 10" X 8" subsea PLETs. The PLR contains a series of 2" ROV operable ball valves and stab connectors to regulate an intelligent pig as well as a group of cleaning pigs. All equipment was rated for severe service. I also wrote Data Sheets for all equipment. Designs were transmitted to customer for procurement and construction. 


NOV Pressure Control Group 03/15 to 01/16

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Evaluated rubber sealing elements of Shaffer SBOPs (Spherical Blowout Preventers) for product improvement, based on customer field issues and operational feedback. The investigative process encompassed R&D testing to API Spec 16A to replicate customer field usage as closely as possible and validated that the elements met all API and NOV quality requirements. Wrote and issued formal engineering reports to the customers, detailing NOV’s findings of their element issues, and was responsible for initiating Product Information Bulletins if warranted. The SBOPs were up to 21¼" through bore and were rated to 10,000 psi working pressure and 250°F operational temperature.


My duties also encompassed technical guidance to less experienced engineers and designers, and the tracking of dozens of projects via a comprehensive spreadsheet to assure that company and customer priorities were met in a timely manner.



Cameron | OneSubsea 09/09 to 11/14

Principal | Subsea Engineer

Design and Development of 10K and 15K subsea horizontal SpoolTreesTM for oil and gas production, rated to 10,000 ft water depth. Most were “conversion Trees” modified from original design and tailored for customer specific requirements. Developed P&ID schematics and identified or specified all components for hydraulic and electrical control systems from customer SCM to Tree functions. My Tree project for Marubeni Angus / Manatee drew high praise from customer. Improved designs of Tree ancillary equipment, including Tubing Hangers, Tree Caps, Running & Retrieving Tools, etc. Verified Tree interface equipment, such as Umbilicals, UTAs (Umbilical Termination Assemblies), Tree Jumpers, Flying Leads, Junction Plates, etc.


Technical writing of Tree Rig Books for operator offshore use, Factory Acceptance Test and Extended FAT procedures, Design Files, and other technical documents.


Analysis of BP GoM SpoolTree for the installation of 5"-15K Framo subsea multiphase flowmeter and presentation to BP for positioning options (Tree porch, Jumper or Manifold). Analysis of MARS (multiple application re-entry system) installation into the choke insert slot of the SpoolTree.


Engineering liaison for BP’s Containment Response System, stored and tested in Houston.


Investigated many field performance reports and developed solutions for numerous field issues.


Successful design and prototype testing of Mechanical Internal Tree Cap Running Tool at the Cameron Technical Development Center.


Training and work background in AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, ANSYS Workbench FEA and Mathcad.


National Oilwell Varco 05/09 to 07/09

Senior Design Engineer

Standardization of 2" thru 4" Choke Valve Series product line, along with control systems and position indication.


Expro 01/07 to 04/09

Senior Development Engineer

Design and Development of a state-of-art large bore drilling choke intended to help control surface and offshore drilling operations in a precise and instantaneous manner. The product includes a continuous duty electric motor actuator, and is an integral component of Expro’s sister company, Secure Drill, overall drilling control program. The specific product is a nominal API 7"-5000#, and is modular in the sense that it is adaptable from a 4" thru a 6" nominal flow bore by replacing only a handful of parts, which makes it unique. To date (04/09) the maximum size product (any manufacturer) suitable for the Secure Drill system has been 3". Expro’s client, Trans Ocean, has conducted extensive System Integration Testing in their manifold, and is quite pleased with the product. The operating service provides high flow characteristics for severe corrosive service applications.


Technip Offshore, Inc., 05/00 to 01/07

Senior Staff Specialist

BP 3rd party inspector for BP Thunder Horse equipment being retrieved from subsea installation and stored in Port Fourchon, Louisiana, to determine suitability for reuse for remanufactured equipment. Primary Products were Jumpers and Hub Connectors for Trees and Manifold.

Followed several phases of the BP Holstein Truss Spar truss and soft tank fabrication at Gulf Marine Fabricators yard, to verify compliance with drawings and fitness for load-out and mating with hard tank.

Audits of FMC Design Calculations for BP Thunder Horse manifold applications. Products include Actuators, large-bore Gate Valves, Connectors, and Pressure Caps for 6" 8" 10" and 12" pipeline terminations. Design parameters are up to 15,000 psi working pressure, 350°F temperature, 10,000 ft water depth, and API Service Class 'HH.' Preparation of Audit Reports for client, and Corrective Action Requests for manufacturer.

Analysis and/or engineering approval of BP Mad Dog Buoyancy Can Upper and Lower Stem equipment, including Spar Deck Stopper structure, heave guidance and hangoff devices, and 36"/40" Stem Connector interfaces. Issuance of detail drawings and procurement specifications for construction and assembly.

Preparation of Functional Specification and Data Sheets for subsea flowline jumpers and PLETs for BP Thunder Horse manifolds interfaces; as well as working with BP, FMC, and installation team to review and recommend improvements to PLET and jumper designs.

Work with inter-department, inter-company, and multi-discipline personnel to resolve system and equipment interface issues for BP Atlantis. Participated in HAZIDs and HAZOPs.

Analyses of several subsea tie-in systems to Samedan Mari-B platform from subsea wells and to 30" export line. Conducted studies, including diver vs. diverless comparisons, to present customer with best installation options.

Responsible for expeditious delivery and specification compliance of subsea ball valves, check valves, piggable wyes, connectors and strakes for Boomvang/Nansen Banjo/Seahawk 16" & 18" Pipelines and 12" Risers. Products were installed and integral with infield manifold.  Compilation of product documentation for Williams Pipeline and Technip Offshore Contractors.

Evaluation of Cameron Subsea Trees and ancillary equipment for BP Amoco King Complex. Audit of Cameron Design Files and Documentation for monogrammed items of this project.


Cameron Controls, 1999 to 2000

Contract Engineer

  • As a Mechanical Engineer in Cameron’s Support Group, I supported Project Managers in the design of multiplex control systems for subsea BOP stacks and diverters.
  • Wrote Technical Specifications such as Factory Acceptance Tests for specific units and followed the testing through the shop with customers present.
  • Performed mechanical and hydraulic calculations for Job Design Books,
  • Wrote Test Procedures for the environmental and hyperbaric testing of control system components for product improvement and verification.


Oil States HydroTech, 1997 to 1999

Product Design Engineer

Designed equipment for the installation, modification, and repair of subsea pipelines, for up to 42" pipe. Equipment was installed on surface or subsea with diver and/or ROV intervention. Products included mechanical and structural connectors, swivel joints, pipe insulation joints, misaligning flanges, pressure balanced safety joints, hydrocouples, hydrotaps, pipe recovery tools and piggable “Y”s.


Baker Oil Tools, 1991 to 1996

Senior Development Engineer

Principal engineer for the design of surface safety systems, as mandated by MMS for OCS oil and gas production. Worked in team-based management environment, specifying and designing failsafe actuators and bonnets to interface with customer specified gate valves. Developed and conducted surface safety systems training program for BOT subsurface safety system facility to increase knowledge base of other engineers and designers.


Foster Valve Corporation, 1987 to 1991


Designed API surface wellheads, trees, and ancillary equipment as well as gate valves for oil and gas use and for geothermal applications of up to 600°F. Designed ANSI gate valves for pipeline applications. Set up Foster’s test lab for API 6A, Appendix F testing and for SPPE verification testing.

Contract Assignments, 1983 to 1987

Vetco Gray: Designed subsea drilling, production, and workover products for Green Canyon 24-slot template.

Brian Watt Associates: Designed 13 3/8” and 20” subsea tie-back systems for existing mudline suspension wellheads located in offshore Netherlands, meeting 3-month deadline from concept to delivery of manufactured products.

Subsea Ventures: Performed structural analyses of subsea Blowout Preventer Stacks for DNV certifications.

Hughes Offshore, 1982 to 1983

Designed and unitized subsea BOP stacks up to 18 ¾” 15,000 psi working pressure. Standardized designs for 13 3/8” and 20” offshore diverters and for telescopic joints, reducing diverter component choices from 40 to 5 for new orders.

Koomey Inc., 1981 to 1982

Designed skid-mounted control units for subsea and surface BOP stacks and for offshore diverter operations.

National Supply, 1979 to 1981

Designed subsea oil and gas production systems. Products included trees, flowlines, flowline pull-ins, tubing hangers, multi-function tools, etc.

FMC Corp, 1976 to 1977

Designed API 6A subsea and surface gate valves and actuators. Designed 1" bore gate valve w/integral actuator for subsea controls. This product, rated to -75°F and 18,000 psi working pressure, replaced bulky gate valve/actuator, and was featured in FMC catalog.


Houston Systems Manufacturing Co. & Pyramid Manufacturing Co. 1970 to 1976

Designed masts, derricks and substructures for land drilling rigs for up to 30,000 feet drilling depth. Unitized complete drilling rigs, including design of all mud, water, fuel and air systems and BOP control systems, and including functional structures for all power and control plants. Determined most effective positioning of all rig equipment, such as mud pumps, drawworks, centrifuges, mud-gas separators, large generator sets, etc. Performed structural analyses of masts, derricks, substructures, fuel/air/water tanks and skid-mounted units. Followed complete drilling rigs through successful validation testing at rig-up yard, to verify correct operation and customer satisfaction.

Houston Texas
Over thirty-five years of oil and gas project engineering and product design background, have included 20 years of subsea and offshore experience, as well as an extensive surface background. Duties have encompassed the design of drilling, production, pipeline and downhole products, as well as the evaluation of subsea systems, the verification of manufacturers’ products for functional suitability, meeting with customers, and formal specification writing. Have designed HPHT equipment up to 18,000 psi working pressure and up to 600°F operational temperature. Am well versed in working within consulting, contracting and manufacturing environments, and have an excellent working knowledge of industry specifications and requirements, such as API, ISO, NACE and ASME. Have completed recent coursework in SolidWorks and AutoCAD.
Engineering, Product Design, Project Management, Product Testing, Product Verification, AutoCAD
BS Aerospace Engineering, The University of Texas at Arlington Post Baccalaureate Engineering Courses, The University of Houston