Heidorn, Robert

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Versatile and highly analytical Engineer and Completions Consultant/ Well Site Manager with 14 years in Upstream Oil & Gas Industry. Utilized engineering skills to gain global experience with an operator and service company in field operations on land and deepwater offshore wells in both conventional and unconventional plays. A focus on technical design, cost efficiency, and safety first mentality has ensured the successful completion of projects ranging from $100 thousand to over $100 million on time and under budget. Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite, AutoCAD, OpenWells, WellView, Cerberus and Insite.

Pearland, TX
KB Wellbore Solutions/ Oxy Permian Resources, NM 2017- 2020 Consultant/ Wellsite Manager – New Mexico & Texas Delaware Basin Coordinate logistics and manage execution for single and multi-well zipper frac, recomplete, plug & perf, wireline tractor plug drillout, and coiled tubing drill out operations. Prepare location and install wellheads. Review and log details for daily costs and NPT, as well as operational parameters in OpenWells. Utilize operational knowledge to improve efficiency and ensure operational excellence. Optimized performance to set multiple records for stages per day and pumping hours per day. • Set new record of pumping 277 stages in Feb 2020, with zero first aids or recordable incidents. Currently over 522 days since last recordable incident. C&J Energy Services, Houston, TX 2017 Sales Technical Engineer – North America Technical support and modelling for coiled tubing operations for North America, with emphasis on Permian, Eagle Ford, and Haynesville plays. Developed SOPs, as well as emergency and contingency procedures for CT operations. Tracked BHA performance and adjusted sweep schedule for operational optimization and future selection. Collected and tracked KPI data to identify continuous improvement opportunities. Improved and maintained CT price book and activity tracker. Chevron, Houston, TX 2013-2016 Completion Engineer/ Field Completion Engineer Wrote and reviewed programs for Stack Pack and Enhanced Single Trip Multi-Zone (ESTMZ) completions for the Tahiti and Jack/St. Malo fields in Gulf of Mexico. Performed daily/weekly forecast, maintained compliance board, prepared tubing/ landing string space out, and performed field calculations, as well as tracked lessons learned. • Recognized for work with business partners to improve effectiveness and efficiency of surface line cleanout, reducing rig time by 3 days (~$4MM). • Tracked performance as compared to AFE, coming in under budget and ~20 days early. Planned and executed the first two unconventional multi-stage Plug & Perf gas well completions in Liard field in Canada. Developed project AFEs. • Applied lessons learned and coordinated with Wellsite Managers and business partners to improve efficiencies for winter operations, delivering the second completion in the field on time and $2MM under budget, with production exceeding expectations. Halliburton 2006-2013 Principal Technical Professional - Production Enhancement, Gulf of Mexico, 2012-2013 Managed and coordinated 15 frac engineers for land and offshore operations (HRWP, FracPack, Acid,) • Performed demonstrations of frac gel, fluid loss pills, and conductivity enhancers for customers’ sand control school at HES lab. • Tracked Hazard Observation and BBS program performance with increased participation. • Audited monthly expenses for engineers and operations, reducing business unit expenses. • Coordinated recruiting, interviews, and training for new hires and current employees. • Completed Halliburton Completion Tools Global Technical Sales Training. Lead/ Sr. Tech. Professional- Coiled Tubing/Intervention, Saudi Arabia, 2009-2011 Business Development and Technical Sales creating CT proposals, procedures, and cost estimates for acid stimulation, abrasive perforation, and water shut-off for high deviation, multi-lateral, and extended reach applications in carbonate and shale formations. • Designed and performed first successful abrasive perforation on HPHT gas well in KSA. • Prepared and delivered technical presentations for job design and tool selection. • Introduced improved pipe management system, reducing amount of CT purchased annually. • Performed cost analysis to determine competitive pricing for projects and tenders, leading to increased equipment utilization by 40%. Tech. Professional- Coiled Tubing/Intervention, Gulf of Mexico/S. Texas, 2006-2009 Prepared simulations, cost estimates, and AutoCAD stack-up and deck/surface layout drawings and presented to customer for CT operations on land and offshore in oil and gas wells. • Completed Halliburton Technical Training Program and worked in the field as an operator/assistant. • University Relations Chair on the board of iMPACT, Halliburton’s Young Professional Organization in Lafayette. Participated in university recruiting and mentored young professionals, increasing and improving Halliburton’s visibility among students and faculty.
Completions, Coiled Tubing, Frac, Wireline Perforating, Cost Efficiency OpenWells, WellView Insite, Cerberus Microsoft Suite
B.S. Mechanical Engineering - Louisiana State University IADC Well Control Leadership Development Training - Louisiana State University