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Jefferson Perdomo Blanco Petroleum Engineer with Over 10 Years of Expertise

Dedicated and results-driven Petroleum Engineer, Jefferson Perdomo Blanco, brings over a decade of experience in the dynamic world of the oil industry. Having honed his skills in the challenging environments of Venezuela, Jefferson is now eager to make a transformative impact on the U.S. oil industry, leveraging his extensive knowledge and expertise in reservoir engineering, enhanced oil recovery (EOR), production technology, and organic geochemistry.

Jefferson Perdomo Blanco offers a unique advantage with his multilingual abilities. Fluent in Spanish (native), English (fluid), and proficient in French (intermediate), Jefferson's language skills enable him to seamlessly interact with peers, collaborate with international teams, and access a wealth of technical information in three languages, broadening his scope within the industry.


Key Strengths:

Reservoir Engineering: With a solid foundation in reservoir engineering, Jefferson has successfully managed complex reservoir projects such as those ones located in Lake Maracaibo basin, optimizing production and recovery rates. His ability to conduct comprehensive reservoir simulations and implement advanced modeling techniques has consistently delivered enhanced performance for his previous employers.

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR): Jefferson is well-versed in EOR strategies, including waterflooding, gas injection, and chemical EOR techniques. His innovative approach to EOR projects has led to increased hydrocarbon recovery, reducing costs and environmental impact.

Production Technology: Jefferson's expertise in production technology on Cretaceous reservoirs spans the entire production lifecycle, from well design and drilling optimization to well intervention and artificial lift systems (gas lift, ESP, Jet pump). His proactive approach to optimizing production processes has resulted in increased efficiency and reduced downtime.

Organic Geochemistry: In addition to his engineering skills, Jefferson possesses a unique understanding of organic geochemistry, allowing him to analyze reservoir fluids and provide valuable insights into hydrocarbon composition and behavior.

Research Project Management: Jefferson has a proven track record of managing multidisciplinary teams and complex projects, ensuring they are completed on time and within budget. His strong leadership and communication skills enable him to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams. Jefferson has a Masters degree in this field.


Language Proficiency: Jefferson's native proficiency in Spanish, coupled with his fluid command of English, allows him to communicate effectively with colleagues and industry professionals around the world. His intermediate-level French skills further enhance his ability to engage with diverse teams and access valuable resources in multiple languages.


Professional Vision:

Jefferson Perdomo Blanco is not just seeking a job; he is eager to become an integral part of a forward-thinking company in the U.S. oil industry. He envisions contributing his expertise to drive innovation, improve operational efficiency, and navigate the evolving challenges of the energy sector. His commitment to sustainability and his holistic understanding of the industry make him an ideal candidate to help companies achieve their long-term goals.

If you are looking for a seasoned Petroleum Engineer with a demonstrated ability to tackle complex projects, drive results, and adapt to changing industry dynamics, Jefferson Perdomo Blanco is the professional you need on your team. With his passion for engineering excellence and dedication to making a positive impact, he is ready to take your organization to new heights.

Jefferson Perdomo Blanco has become a global-minded professional who seeks to harness the power of language to drive innovation and international cooperation within the U.S. oil industry. His commitment to mastering multiple languages reflects his dedication to staying at the forefront of industry developments and delivering exceptional results for his employers.

If you are seeking a Petroleum Engineer who can effortlessly connect with colleagues, access a wealth of technical knowledge in multiple languages, and bring a global perspective to your team, Jefferson Perdomo Blanco is the ideal candidate. His linguistic versatility is a valuable asset that can propel your organization to greater heights in the ever-evolving landscape of the oil industry.

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Florida, USA
• Production Technologist. Joint Venture PDVSA-SHELL de Venezuela S.A (Petroregional Del Lago S.A) since May 18, 2015. (Experience: 2.5 years). Main roles (brief description): • Artificial Lift optimization (ESP, JET PUMP, Gas lift) for Heavy and light crude oil. • Reactive Matrix Stimulation design for Cretaceous Reservoir. • New Technology evaluation for improving oil recovery. • Daily monitoring of production parameters to diagnose production troubleshooting. • Well Data evaluation (FGS, PLT) • Well Simulation calibration based on current data ( Wellflo, Subpump) • Monthly close out production summary for official purposes. • Reservoir Development Engineer (Enhanced Oil Recovery Engineer). Petróleos de Venezuela S.A (PDVSA). Since April 26, 2007 to May 15, 2015 (Experience: 8 years). Main roles (brief description): • Geochemistry Characterization of crude from heavy oil fields. • Reservoir and fluids behavior analysis by primary and secondary recovery (Eocene and Miocene formations) • Waterflooding revision and monitoring (water characterization, water quality control, Sweep efficiency and voidage replacement ration estimation) • Evaluation of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) new technologies. • Subsurface data analysis and interpretation (PLT, Static pressure, Build-up, Drawdown and fall off tests, PVT, etc). • Reservoir forecast analysis. • Continuous oil well production monitoring. • Performance of drilling and workover programs. • Performance of Oil well maintenance work programs (reactive and non-reactive stimulation, Shooting (TCP, through tube gun), fracturing, Oilwell, mechanical cleaning, opening and closing of sleeves (non-selective completions), water production control, etc. • Pressure transient analysis • Nodal Analysis ( Welflo) • Oil production well files updating and performance. Thesis work: “NON-REACTIVE MATRIX STIMULATION EAST ZONE C-4 VLA-0009 RESEVOIR BLOCK I LAKE MARACAIBO”. PDVSA EXPLORACIÓN Y PRODUCCIÓN OCCIDENTE. May 16, 2006 - March 07, 2007. Unidad de Explotación Lagomar. La Salina Main Building. Cabimas, Venezuela. • Reservoir characterization study through organic geochemistry. • Asphaltene and light components separation of crude oil through Gas chromatography GC-MS • Well stimulation design and proposal to mitigate Asphaltene production. Petroleum Engineering Internships. PDVSA EXPLORACIÓN Y PRODUCCIÓN OCCIDENTE. September 16, 2005 – November 15, 2005. La Salina Main Building. Cabimas, Venezuela. Data entry and validation for Reservoir Development Engineering Department at Unidad de Explotacion Lagomar which included: • Wellfile Statistics and auditory study. • Wellfile updating from Ático Zone, Block I, VLA-8/11/12 Areas, Lake Maracaibo. • Static pressure test validation
*Reservoir Development Engineering *Production Technology Engineering *EOR Engineering (Waterflooding) *Organic Geochemistry *Well Stimulation Design *Languages: Spanish, English, French * Research Project Managment * Leadership and mentoring
* 09/30/09 06/30/10 Universidad del Zulia Teaching Component * 09/01/07-11/21/09 Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacin MSc R&D Project Management (Equivalent to Research Administration) * 01/08/01 04/12/07 Universidad del Zulia B.S Petroleum Engineer