Clavijo Grandon Juan Jose

Resume Information


I am a petroleum engineer, I was graduated the last year, I got an excellent graduation with 90,74 points, my principal goals are to have a good job opportunity to show all my skills that I got in my student time and also when I did my internship.

I have a good knowledge in drilling area, because 2 years ago I did my internship in YPFB (Yacimientos Petroliferos Fiscales Bolivianos) where I could get some technical skills, like the use of software (Landmark, Drill bench) to do a good and efficient drilling program, how to management the drilling operation in the field together the company man, how follow all the operations.

I have certifications accredited by IADC, WCI, ACIPET, and others good institutions, all focus in the drilling area.

2019- 2020 Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales Bolivianos (GNEE) Santa Cruz / Camiri -Bolivia National Management of Exploration and Exploitation Professional Practice (DSER-Drilling Service Directorate) Description: • Support in field activities in the SRS-12D well operated by YPFB Chaco (Mud logging, drilling muds, Solids control, Directional Drilling, Well logging, Forced cementing, Driller's cabin, Company Man activities (Open Wells and operation field), Drill supervision) • Office work in the area of contracting equipment operated by YPFB Teams: YPFB-01, YPFB-02, YPFB-03. • Support in updating the corrosion ring sheets for the YPFB-03 equipment operated by YPFB Chaco, in coordination with a sludge engineer from MI Swaco and a sludge engineer from YPFB Chaco. • Support in the development and updating of drill pipe and BHA rotation hours for the YPFB-03 team, in coordination with the Team supervisor of the YPFB-03 team, inspection of tubulars in the field. • Support in the development of the risk matrix for Mayaya and Yarará X-1 wells • Review of the Lliquimuni well post mortem report, for the extraction of the most relevant information for its later use in the Mayaya well drilling program. • Support to planning engineer to carry out the BOP Stacks to be used in the different phases of the Mayaya well. Management II / 201 9 Universidad del Valle Cochabamba-Bolivia Oil, gas and energy laboratory Laboratory Assistant Description: • Support in carrying out laboratory practices of the subjects of: Drilling Engineering I, II Petrophysics Hydrocarbon Transportation Renewable Energies (Solar, Wind, Biogas) Petrochemistry Oil refining (Operation of an experimental distillation unit at Universidad del Valle) Unit Operations • Preparation of a laboratory guide for the subject of Drilling Engineering II Preparing an oil slurry Cement density measurement Grout stability Compressive stress of the grout. • Elaboration of: Procedure for handling effluents from laboratory practices Reagent use procedure. Improvement plan for safety in pr to practices laboratory Management II / 2017 Universidad del Valle Cochabamba-Bolivia Mathematics department Teaching Assistant (Algebra I-Calculus I) Description: Support in the subject of basic sciences of the mathematics department belonging to the Universidad del Valle, teaching classes as an assistant in the subjects of Algebra I and Calculus I throughout the II / 2017 management for all engineering careers following the analytical content of each one of the aforementioned subjects.
Communication, Analytics, Problem-Solving, easy adaptability
Primary and Secondary Level: Sor Anita Engelhartd School (Santa Cruz-Bolivia) Upper level: Oil, Gas and Energy Engineer Universidad del Valle (Cochabamba-Bolivia) / (Graduation par excellence) Languages: Spanish (native language) English (Intermediate Level / Speaking-listening-writing-reading)