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  • Jonathan Pohl
    +58 424 938 0688
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Mechanical Engineer / Master in Business Administration with over fifteen years of experience in oilfield services (10+ in GCC region) with the specialization in the design/execution/evaluation of oilfield cementing and exposure in Coiled Tubing, Fracking, Well Testing and overall rig/rigless operations.

Wide range of international placements have provided a well-rounded technical / operational / management background, taught the ability to work under pressure in a variety of conditions, strengthening the communication skills in multicultural environments.




Currently in Dammam, Available to work worldwide (with Family status)


Well Site Coordinator – Saudi Arabia. Jul 2019 – March 2021.
Coordination/Supervision of WO rigless operations for Aramco SAWCOD gas wells including:
 HPCT, Wireline, Slickline, BPV and Site management, including: entry/exit site environmental inspection, road hazard assessment, site move, R/U & R/D.

Stimulation Services Manager– Saudi Arabia. Mar 2018 – Jul-19.
 Managing pumping and filtration services for Saudi Arabia. Including 20+ twin & single pumping units, 9 filtration units and 120+ office and field personnel.
 Increase profitability of the product line by improving processes, resources allocation and preventive maintenance of field assets.
 Established SQ and HSE KPI.

Hawiyah Base Manager / Cementing Services Manager– Saudi Arabia. Dec 2017 – Mar 2018.
 In charge of newly built Hawiyah base, main point of contact for Aramco Udailiyah District. Setting up internal processes and organization. Securing HSE compliance.
 Cementing operations in Udailiyah District (GAS wells).

SCHLUMBERGER Oilfield Services

Well Site Coordinator – Saudi Arabia. May 2017 – Aug. 2017.
 Coordination/Supervision of WO rigless operations for Aramco SAWCOD gas wells including HPCT, Wireline, MultiStage-Completions, Testing, Fracturing, Slickline, BPV and Site management, including: entry/exit site environmental inspection, road hazard assessment, site move, R/U & R/D, swap production/frac tree.
 Ensuring compliance of the ARAMCO guidelines and SOP. Operational support for 8 ARAMCO SAWCOD rigless sites assigned to the project.
 Coaching and training of field personnel. Develop of competency matrix for sites operators evaluation.

Cementing Project Manager – Bahrain, Jebel Sakhir, Bahrain, Aug. 2013 – Mar. 2016.
 Increase profitability from negative to a double digit IBT with same price structure.
 Implement new processes to ensure contract compliance.
 Develop local employee’s capability from equipment operator to field supervisors.
 Responsible for technical support for cementing operations, including, sales, tenders, marketing, NT introduction, technical discussions with the client, continuous improvement.(SPE-176272-MS & SPE-184961-MS).
 Responsible for cementing operations in Bahrain, including primary and remedial cementing. Includes: P&L review, cementing pre-jobs reviews, HSE and SQ compliance, forecasting (additives, M&S, Revenue), DSO, training, evaluation and promotion of personnel, cost control, preventive maintenance compliance.
 Focal point for Fracking opportunities in the country. Including interaction with the clients, coordination with technical and operational staff, P&L reviews, coordination of technical presentations.

Cementing Field Service Manager – Kuwait Ahmadi, Kuwait, Mar. 2011 – Apr. 2013
 Responsible for all cementing operations in Kuwait. Including heavy oil shallow projects in Wafra and South Raqqa fields. Deep Gas explorations project in Jurassic formations in Raudathain and Sabriya fields. Development wells cementing operations in Ahmadi, Magwa, Sabriyah and Raudathain fields.
 Implementation of HSE campaign that led to over 2+ years without a single HSE incident. (SPE-168335-MS).
 Increase of profitability over the period.
 Managing over 70+ cementing technical and operational staff, with over 25 rigs assigned to the district.

Cementing Technical and Sales Engineer – Kuwait, Ahmadi, Kuwait Jul. 2010 – Feb. 2011
 In charge of providing cementing technical support (design, execution and evaluation) to Joint Operations in Wafra field, heavy oil wells, exploration and development wells to Kuwait Oil Company.
 Introduction of new technologies, including high temperature resistant cement, loss circulation solution, high solids volume fraction/light weight slurries systems.
Cementing Technical and Sales Engineer – Venezuela, Maturin, Venezuela, Dec. 2008 – Jul. 2010
 Coordination of cementing land operations in East Venezuela, including: planning of equipment maintenance, review of Pre/Post job package, coach GFE and leader course FE projects, technical/sales support to clients, review of cementing technical proposals, field service quality audits and support, casing hardware, local and imported products inventory control.

Cementing Field Engineer – Venezuela, Maturín, El-Tigre, Puerto La Cruz, Las Morochas, Venezuela Jun 2006 – May. 2008.
 Cementing jobs design and field execution. HP/HT wells, high density slurries, gas migration environments, loss circulation technologies, water control jobs. Offshore projects in East Venezuela, job design, logistics coordination, direct client support, crew training management. Cementing engineer assigned in Las Morochas for Maracaibo Lake Operations.
 Engineer in charge of a secondary cementing contract for shallow and deep wells, services including: squeezes-plugs, retainers, packers, casing repairs, acidizable cements, microfine cement applications.
Coiled Tubing Field Engineer – Venezuela, Maturin, El-Tigre & Las Morochas, Venezuela Mar. 2005 – May. 2006.
 Coiled tubing jobs design and operations including sand cleanouts, cement plugs, N2 lifting, milling, fishing operations, matrix stimulations jobs in sandstones and carbonates reservoirs.
 Operating the Coiled Tubing unit.

Awards and Certifications

 Technical Cementing Qualification Senior I. Schlumberger Eureka Technical Community. Achieved in 2013.
 Well Services InTouch Knowledge in Action (KIA) 2011 Winner from Middle East and Asia – Cementing. Schlumberger.


 Operations Management.
 NIS Analysis.
 Forecasting.
 Develop, Motivation, Evaluation & Coaching of Staff.
 Sales & Bidding.
 Primary and Secondary cementing techniques in oil & gas wells.
 HPHT, thermal cements, gas-tight systems.
 Cement job evaluation.
 Cementing equipment and casing hardware.
 Cementing design software.
 Rigless operations/Site management.


Master in Business Administration –Merit 07/2016 - Strathclyde University (Glasgow, Scotland)
BS in Mechanical Engineering, 8/2004 — Universidad de Oriente (Barcelona, Venezuela)

Relevant Trainings
Deepwater Cementing RISE I, 5/2013 (2 weeks) – Schlumberger (Houston and Tulsa, USA)
Management Essentials I, 3/2012 (1 week) – Schlumberger (Bangkok, Thailand)
CHEVRON CLA-Leadership Workshop, 2/2012 (1 week) – Schlumberger (Fahaheel, Kuwait)
QHSE 3 for Managers, 12/2011 (1 week) – Schlumberger (Fahaheel, Kuwait)
Field Service Manager School, 5/2011 (1 week) – Schlumberger (Dubai, UAE)
Sales School, 9/2007 (2 weeks) – Schlumberger (Rio De Janeiro, Brazil)
Cementing Technical Engineer School, 07/2006 (8 weeks) — Schlumberger (Nottingham, UK) – Top of the Class.
Coiled Tubing Operational School, 6/2005 (9 weeks) – Schlumberger (Tulsa, USA) 2nd place.