Contact Information

  • Oscar Perez+Michi
    (403) 831-9590


Client-oriented Petroleum Engineer with international experience in different aspects of the oil field services.

Experience in consulting projects, technical software support and data management.

Perform the analysis and interpretation of well logs building deterministic, probabilistic and machine learning sub-surface models, and calibrate and integrate those with other disciplines such as mud logging, core analysis, completion and production information.

Experience working in a management position leading the data processing center, being the focal point for all solution delivery activities and be accountable for the overall services targets and revenue. Perform the marketing and selling of new technology including logging sensors and software products.

Skilled in different aspects of geology, geophysicist, geomechanics, petrophysics and reservoir engineering applications of the reservoir characterization.

Bilingual Spanish and English.


Canada, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico.


+24 years of experience working in different aspects of oil field services.

Awards and Certifications

Schlumberger President’s Award Production Group (2017).
TED style talks about Technical Integration in the Montney.

Performed by Schlumberger Bronze Award (2016).
Bringing Predictability in Unconventional Reservoirs Through Long Term Integration.

Performed by Schlumberger Bronze Award (2015).
Integrated Seismic to Stimulation Project delivers Value in Unconventional Reservoirs.

Schlumberger President’s Award Petro-Technical Services (2014).
Collaboration in Production. TIG Brings Win for Schlumberger in Western Canada.

Performed by Schlumberger Bronze Award Excellence (2014).
EOR Opens New Life to a Large Mature Asset in Ecuador.

Knowledge in Action winner (KIA).(2013)
Sharing Petrophysical presentations, lessons learns and best practices.


Unconventional Shale Evaluation | Carbonates Formation Evaluation | Conventional Shaly Sand Formation Evaluation | Reserves Estimation | Cased and Open Hole Evaluation| Acoustic-1D&3D Geomechanics | Completion Optimization | Natural Fracture Detection |Reservoir Summation | Applications of Core Analysis | Logging While Drilling | Rock Types | Saturation Height Modelling | Pressure Profiles | Net Pay Mapping | Log Prediction | Rock Physics | Techlog Software | Reservoir Domain Sales | Solutions Delivery | Business Development | People Management | Knowledge Sharing |Continuos Education


B.Sc. Petroleum Engineer, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM), (1996).
Thesis: Identification of Natural Fractures Intervals using Electrical Logs and Borehole Images, (in Spanish).