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  • Gregory Perez
    (713) 302-0534


 An experienced global leader with abilities to lead people, develop/build an organization, improve productivity and deliverability, and maximize talents of individuals within organization. Individual strengths include; Leadership, Strategic planning, Process-Improvment, and developing Novel solutions. Deeply versed in oilfield product portfolio management, field trials, customer solutions and value creation. Significant experience in global supply chain, logistics, manufacturing and compliance requirements to achieve client-focused performance. Focused on meeting targets with Environment, Safety and Sustainability always in mind. Strategic thinker with track record of developing multi-generational product pipelines and long-term organizational strategies.




Greater Houston


===== Newpark Resources====
10/18- 2020 VP of Technology
Newpark Resources, Newpark Technology, Houston, Texas

3/18-9/18 Director of Technology

4/13-3/18 Sr. Technology Manager – Drilling Fluids

12/12-4/13 R&D Section Manager – Drilling & Advanced Technologies
EcoLab, WellChem Technologies, Fresno, Texas
Manager of Product Development Teams.

1/12-11/12 Global Analytical Services Manager - Corporate
Halliburton, Halliburton Technology, Houston, Texas

8/10-3/12 Global R&D Manager - Baroid
-Manager of Global R&D Teams.(Chemistry, Engineering & Software)
-Manager of Global Analytical Teams.(Baroid-PSL)

8/08-8/10 Scientific Advisor / Chemist
-Team Lead for Baroid Analytical Services Lab.
-Sr Member of New Products R&D Team.

12/06-7/08 Principal Scientist / Chemist

2005-2012 Academic Research Liaison

12/03-12/06 Senior Scientist / Chemist


-Globally team management with aligned goals and budgets.
-Customer facing professional, with an understanding of delivering mutual value.
-Experience in automation and data systems implementations.
-Development of Sustainability and Strategy Initiatives
-Global supply chain and logistics optimization.
-Development and Implementation of Quality Management Systems
-Experience with sourcing and manufacturing details on proprietary and commodity materials.
-Experience with various project management structures: stage-gate, PMO, agile, tenet.
-Collaborative experience working in national labs, gov’t. installations, academia, and industry.
-Experience in lab design and architecture and lab construction problem resolution.
-Seventeen years experience in application-driven industrial science.


M.B.A. / Comprehensive
Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, 2007-2009

Ph.D. / Chemistry
Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, November 2003

M.S. / Chemistry
Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas, August 1998

B.S. / Chemistry
Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, August 1994